Like father like son: Tuesday 5th October 2004

John Howard, Tony Blair, George Bush, and a number of other Western polticians agree that the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. They have agreed that the world is a safer place, which is no longer in danger of this mad man with the bushy moustache and black L’Oreal Excellence hair colour who always felt that he was really worthy of all the power in oil-rich Iraq. I wonder when did Mr Hussein oppose a threat to us in the West. Was it not his neighbour Kuwait who were in danger in 1991? But let us not forget that he fought the war against Iran with the blessing of the British and the Americans. Saddam was only a threat when he bit the hand which fed him and became greedy for the oil resources in Kuwait. What was he thinking of? Wasn’t there enough oil for him to bathe in the Kurdish city of Kirkurk?

George Bush senior as we already know came down hard on Saddam and the people of Iraq. Saddam received a few slaps on the fingers in the form of nuclear weapons, cluster bombs and sanctions. The Western powers turned a blind eye when the United Nations put forward their reports that 100 000s of people were dying weekly due to a lack of food, water and medicine. Children were suffering from cancer like illnesses and mothers were giving birth to deformed babies. The suffering was not on the door-step of the West therefore not an issue to waste time on.

George Bush sr. went to war in 1991 and George Bush jr. in 2001. Well we can certainly say that the saying father like son stands true. The War on Terrorism is proof of that. George Bush jr. has decided to follow in daddys’ footsteps. He’s using the all mighty techonology of the USA to pound the Iraqis into the dark-ages. He has already bombed Afghanistan in the name of peace and democracy with the stars and stripes on each blessed bomb. How many civilians have died in Afghanistan and Iraq is unknown. The precision bombs failed time and time again but still they continued to use them.

If there is a malfunction in a whole Ford Mondeo range then the whole line is taken off the market. It is repaired and tested before it is released to the public again. Companies cannot afford malfunctions. The fear of being sued is high and therefore they will check and recheck everything. But faulty bombs have only one objective and that is to kill and destroy whether it is innocent civilians or military targets. No Afghani or Iraqi family is going to sue the USA for attacks on their homes and families. No Iraqi child is going to hold the USA responsible for the murder of their parents. Little Ali who lost his arms and his family is never going to take the “Coalition of the Willing” to court and make them pay for his loss. They get off scott-free. They can rub their hands clean of the dirty mess in Asia and the Middle East. It is no loss to them and no one is going to hold them accountable.

After Gulf War II more people have died after the war than during it. Everyday there are attacks on civilians and everyday family and friends bury their loved ones – screaming in unbearable agony at the suffering that they have to endure. It is strange how no one in power reacts. UN are useless. Puppets of America. I saw George Bush standing on the White House lawn, proudly announcing that he has a job to do and he isn’t going to stop until it’s done.
He doesn’t give the graphical details of the war on any of his speeches. His words are very high-tech and only on the surface. He is only giving enough information to keep TV viewers on the brink of their seats. He does not create a real picture of this war on terror. It is something abstract for the European viewers. How would people react if he had said: “well we have 50 tonn bombs, which will blow women, children and whole families to smitherines. Sure some people will lose their limbs like little Ali here who lost a couple of limbs not to mention his family, and yes there will be thousand more kids who will grow up without the love of a parent or a home but there is always collateral damage in war………. Sure Mary Jane you might not see your 18 year old son Jimmy again because we aint sure whether he’s going to get blown to pieces by friendly or enemy fire. Not to mention those crazy Iraqis who love beheading anyone because they hate us Americans and our freedom of speech and democracy. We have to be dedicated to giving the Middle East to taste of our our freedom and what this great country of ours has to offer. I love my country and I will do whatever it takes to protect it even if it means bombing countries that are already suffering and lack basic necesseties. But hey we are the protectors of democracy. God’s choosen people. God bless America”.

The truth about this war or any war never surfaces until after the fact. The media are guilty of being biased. CNN, Sky News, Fox TV are among some of the tv-stations who like to glorify the contribution Western troops are making in this bloody bloody war. Sexual abuse and torture of prisoners in Guatanemo, Iraq and Afghanistan is some of the contribution the USA is making in the name of democracy and freedom of speech. I think that the USA and Britian have tarnished their names. Everyone knows that this war is about oil and so was the last one and the one before that one and the one before that!

So is the world a safer place without Saddam Hussein or are we being fooled by political leaders who just cannot accept that they made a mistake?

Public support is crucial in a war situation. When millions of people world wide took to the streets to protest against the war, the Coalition of the Willing decided to go ahead with plan B (Note: Plan A was to play hide and seek with Hans Blix and Saddams nuclear weapons. The weapons were never discovered and intelligence reports have been specific: THERE ARE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION). Plan B was to blow the hell out of innocent women and children, make a mockery of democracy and create enough instability in the Middle East to cause mayhem and steal the oil resouces.

Will it ever end and when are we ever going to have honesty in our political system.


~ by no2wars on 13/05/2006.

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