The Road to Guantanamo or State organised Terrorism??

I went to see the film “The Road to Guantanamo“. An extremely interesting film about the Tipton Three from Birmingham. It was not as gory as I thought it would be. I became more and more furious while I watched the film. The treatment the hostages experienced at the hands of the Americans and British was shocking to say the least. How could they have treated people so inhumanly. Worst than animals. The torture and the cages only revealed how perversely paranoid the Americans actually are.

The USA pride themselves with their Western democracy and human-rights records, but look at the their own track record:
-Transportation and murder of Africans in the slave-trade
-British and colonialism and the murder of thousands of men, women and children
-The nuclear bomb on Nagasaki + Hiroshima
-2 world wars
-The abuse of position in regard to the debts poverty stricken countries own the World Bank (all a Western concept).

The list can go on and on…….

I was furious after watching the film and it dawned on me that yet again we are living a lie. Our whole existence and beliefs about being independent and free citizens is something we are being brain-washed into believing. Democracy – or at least the American and British 21st century concept of democracy is a total farce. They do not listen to the UN or any other countries. Heads of state who are fundamentally against the war have been threatened with financial and development funding being pulled out. Many countries who refused to participate in the bloody unjust war in Iraq experienced the mighty sword of the Americans (maybe not swords but ammunition) through the cutting of funding.

What do we know about what’s happening in Afghanistan today? I was told that crime is on the increase. Children have become victims of sexual abuse and in some instances victims of trafficking. Have things improved? If anyone can give me a little bit more information about this then it would be really appreciated.

It’s around 3am. Time to sleep soon. Sleep tight


~ by no2wars on 14/05/2006.

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