There is another war going on. Again. This time its in the Middle-East. Between Israel and Hizbollah. Bang smak in the middle of this bloody and unjust war innocent civillians are being bombed to smitherines. They are the true casualities in a war which the USA are cautious to condone tthe Israelis actions.

Intially the media repeateded constantly that the Israelis were reacting to the capture of two of their soldiers, but they did not mention the fact that thousands of innocent Lebanese and Palestinian men and children were being held captive in Israeli prisons. Constantly the focus was on Hizbollah and their allies Iran and Syria. These names have now become synonims for terrorism and it is not strange that there has not been a world-wide public outcry in protest to the killings.

Condaleeza Vampire Rice visited Beiruit yesterday. As Israel murdered innocent people outside pictures from CNN and BBc showed Vampire Rice smiling together with her American collegues around a shiny table together with the Lebanese ministers. Why was she smiling? Was there anything to laugh and joke about or was she subtely saying: we’ve got you by the balls now you fucking Arabs! Rice is not a woman. She has no feelings it seems and thus fits the perfect position as henchman.

This hell could have been prevented if the Arab world had united themselves instead of playing into the USAs hands. Shame on the Arabs with their atrocious human-rights violations and for their silence.

As I write this the body count is increasing in Lebanon and Gaza. The number of recruits to terrorist organisations has probably increased tenfold. In Iraq it is estimated that thousands of civilians have been murdered. This is the price children have had to pay for a few fucking barrels of oil.

Burn in hell Geore Bush. I hope you too will suffer one day for the pain you have caused innocent people all over the Middle East.


~ by no2wars on 25/07/2006.

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