They say that an image speaks a thosand words.This picture of a young child crying and clinging on to his mother after being hit by israeli sharpnel says so much about who the real casualties of this war are.

While we in the West enjoy out summer holidays and laze in the summer heat people on the other side of the globe are being slaughtered. This is a dirty and unjust war.

My friend once said that people who have been victims of abuse or bullied often do the same to others. Is that what the Israelis are doing? They experinced the holocaust and now they are hell-bent on doing the same to others?

One of my friends is Israeli. A wonderfull person. Kind and generous but this war is compelling her to keep her silence about how she feels about the attacks on the Lebanese people. I understand her. Her silence is not only showing her loyality to her people but also her shame of being connected to a state who knows know boundaries.

The holy land stopped being holy the day blood was spilt on its soil.


~ by no2wars on 26/07/2006.

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