Landmines and cluster munitions are continuing to kill and injure between three and four civilians in Lebanon each day – most of whom are children under the age of 18. The UN estimates that there may be as many as one million unexploded cluster bomblets in south Lebanon, fired by Israel during the month-long conflict and ferociously during the last three days of the conflict.

Cluster munitions are packed with dozens of bomblets which scatter across large areas, often failing to detonate.

Pressure group Human Rights Watch says it has found evidence that cluster bombs were also used by Hezbollah militants during the conflict.
Unexploded bomblets litter the ground, hang from trees or under the soil. Children will pick them up or trodd on them – thus leading to the loss of limbs or death.

The question many may ask is why are these bombs being used or why are other bombs which can prevent the loss of civilian life not being brought in to use. My question is simple: why are bombs being made at all? And why are they being fired into civilian areas? The countries responsible for making cluster bombs have a lot to answer for: UK, USA, Norway, France, Germany, Russia, Iran, Syria …… the list is endless.

Angry and frustrated on a sleepless Thursday night.


~ by no2wars on 19/10/2006.

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