I burst into fits of laughter after reading Shazia Mirzas’ comments in Newstatesman. She is really quite funny, but still there is somthing which disturbs me about her. I admire her strength and her intelligence but I feel that her Muslim identity is no longer something that she practices. Instead it something she uses to earn money on by ridiculing it to please Western audiences.

Do I sound extreme? Well I do not wear the hijab. I do not pray 5 times a day but I am honest to my roots and I am not taken easily in by the orientalist view of Arab culture or religion, not to mention the colonial view of Asians. I am constantaly searching and questioning about democracy and the freedom of speech. And unfortunately I am begining to realise that the freedom of speech is only for those who abandon their headscarves and publicly mock their Eastern roots.

So sad isn’t it that this the age we are living in? And here we were all thinking we were free.


~ by no2wars on 01/10/2007.

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  1. All religions need to be ridiculed. They are only limiting belief systems which allow for excuses of separation and war. Muslim, Christian, Jew…. just let it all go. It’s so childish.

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