Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize and Brad Pitt has donated $500 000 to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Both are dedicated to climate change. Al Gore has managed to put climate change on the global agenda while Brad Pitt has commissioned 13 architects to build 150 enviromental-friendly homes for the impoverished Lower 9th Ward. Pitt encouraged others to “adopt” a house – even a corner of it. It would cost $150 000 to just build one house – “so start writing those checks” Larry King encouragly said. If Bush hadn’t spent so much money on his bloody war maybe the USA would have been able to help their own. Instead that money is being used to bomb and destroy other peoples homes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The American taxpayers money is being used to make another Iraqi child to grow up without a mother and another Iraqi mother to weep over her dead babies, drying her tears with her blood soaked scarf.

As I watched Pitts’ impressive plan to rebuild the homes of thousands of unfortunate New Orleaners, I was wondering wether a similar project could have been started in Iraq to help the Iraqi families who have suffered at the hands of an illegal occupation based on lies, greed and yes barbariarism.
Is it not barbariarism when we allow our inner most basic emotions take over that we become uncivilized? Isn’t rationality and human rights not among two of the important values we have achieived in western, modern society?

While Iraqis are displaced – millions refugees within their own country, several millions more outside Iraq, I wonder which Hollywood actor is going to come to their rescue and return them back to the land they once knew. Who is going to restore their dignity and heal their wounds? Omar Sharif?

Picture from New Orleans: Green Flash Productions

~ by no2wars on 08/12/2007.

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