Sometimes when I write something against the war on terror I wonder
will someone from the CIA or FBI read this? Will they bang on my door in the middle of night and hide me in one of those secret interrogations bases’ in Europe? In the world that we are living in, we are no longer free to express ourselves as we wish. Suddenly we can be labled “terrorists”; shot in the head on a subway or imprisoned just because we look, smell and act different.

We are not in a free world. We are imprisoned by our media, our politicans and those human rights which are only for a selected few.
But I have to express my anger, my disappointment on behalf of the million of people touched by our Western governments so called
War on Terror – as if war wasn’t an act of terror in itself.

There is one basic thing which fresh European air taught me: I have to demand the right to BE. I have to demand the right to be respected because of my faith, culture and traditions. I also have the right to express myself.


~ by no2wars on 08/12/2007.

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