There are moments in all our lives where we feel that things are getting on top of us. We are not able to make ends meet; struggling to secure our childrens future; trying to meet the demands of work, family and pressure of friends; struggling with weight problems or our looks. The media industry encourages us to snip a little here and there, slap some of those new kick-ass anti-aging products on and buy a new dress to make ourselves feel more beautiful, successfull and desireable.

But is this the problem to our solutions?

Recently I came across the film The Secret by Rhonda Bryne who has managed to persuade people about an “ancient” old secret kept hidden from mankind for centuries. The laws of attraction and how we attract negative energy to us and thus make our negative thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies. Fair enough we have heard about positive thinking, progressive thinking etc but to call it a Secret! This was all just too much.

Rhonda’s interesting film did nothing for me. Maybe because I have read to many self-help books to realise that this is all another marketing strategy to make an extremely intelligent buisness woman roll in millions on something which really is just a bunch of rubbish.

It’s a bit like the Da Vinci Code or the Blair Witch Project. Remember the film about the kids in the forest which everyone thought was true until it became so unbelievable that we started to believe it.

The Secret is one such film and book. It talks about being successfull, gaining happiness, being rich, buying that new car, meeting the right guy etc. But these are all problems/wishes/dreams which Western audiences young and old, rich and old have the luxury of thinking about. They are living in a part of the world where such aspirations are achievable – okay you have to work damn hard but one day that dream might be yours.

Lest use The Secret on people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh. Palestine – take your pick. Will the Secret help in stopping the bombs raining down on families head; will put food on the table of starving children in Afghanistan; will the Laws of Attraction help to bring peace to Palestine? Is their situation due their negative thoughts attracting negative energy from the universe or is it because the greedy West who thinks about MORE MORE MORE material goods and world domination that those poor people are in the state they are in today?

If someone can answer this one I would be much appreciated.

The Secret – the first 20 minutes:


~ by no2wars on 10/12/2007.

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