Hope of democracy assasinated in Pakistan?

27th December 2007 is another nail in the coffin of Pakistan. It is the day that Pakistan was faced with the murky side of their country which seeths with venemous hate for change and freedom of choice. It was the day ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated after leaving a campaign rally for the Pakistani Peoples Party in Rawalpindi. Bhutto was shot three times when she stood up to wave to crowds from her bullet-proof car. As if shooting Bhutto was not enough, the assassan blew himself up among the crowd of hundreds of innocent PPP supporters.

Many believe that the murder of Bhutto has destroyed any hopes of democracy in Pakistan. Western politicians too believe that she was the only person who could bring democracy to a country who has been in political turmoil since its birth over 60 years ago. But infact Bhutto was less than democratic – she was not interested in the well-being of her people but had her own bitter revenge. The murder of her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1977 by Gen. Zia ul haq is among one of the bitternesses she carried with her.

Bhutto did nothing for her people while she was in power. She did not fight poverty and eradicate violence against women and children. Suprisingly ex-Gen Musharaf has opened the media and fought for womens rights. He is seen as a thorn in the side of the Americans but infact he is the only hope Pakistan has at the moment.

Was Bhutto democratic? How could she be when she placed her son in her place and her corrupt husband in palce until her son comes of age? Should there not have been placed votes or is PPP a family heritage – not very democratic of you ask me.

What about Imran Khan – could he be a good candidate as Prime Minister? I think he is too angry and bitter – waited for too long for too many years to come to power that I think that he will also have a vengeful heart if he won the elections. But then again he has done more – like build a cancer hospital. Where as Nawaz Sharif is a serpent – trying to profit from the murder of Bhutto – and trying to hijack her supporters.


~ by no2wars on 08/01/2008.

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