Prime minster Olmert has just this minute congratulated President Bush for his contribution to peace in the world. Bush and peace? Are we talking about the same blood hungry, revengeful, trigger happy, lying, deceitful man who led a war based on lies lies and more lies? Mind you Olmerts’ track record is not very impressive either – he has the blood of innocent Palestinians on his hands too.

The little “nudge”, which Bush calls his visit, did not mention the illegal settlements, the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes, social and economic unrest in the country or the opportunities of working together with the democratically elected Hamaz party.

I disagree with suicide bombers or killing civilians to reach ones objectives, but there is a reason behind them winning the elections.
1) They have established schools, hospitals, medical centers for the Palestinian people
2) They have youth clubs for kids who otherwise would have been running rampage.
3) They are helping people to find work and feel that they are contributing to their families.

The negative sides is that they have financed families because their sons have blown themselves up in the fight for Palestinian people. But what other opportunities do these boys have. As breadwinners they realise that they are worth more dead than alive. It’s sad – but true. Thousands of families have male family members missing (they are in Israeli jails or have been shot/wounded). The younger male family members have to take on the role of providers in an impossible reality.

Bush has been quick to call Hamaz for terrorists while he ignores the state Iraq and Afghanistan are in. he has also ignored how his war on terror has lead to more human-rights abuses and insecurity. So why didnt we just send Attila the Hun in instead? he has less blood on his hands.


~ by no2wars on 09/01/2008.

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