Expression of Hopelessness

Since 2003 I have been fixed on the news praying, hoping, for some encouraging news from Iraq. I close my eyes and pray “Allah, please show these innocent people some mercy and dry the tears of every woman and child touched by the horrors of this injust occupation”.

I look at the picture I have just put up and I ask myself what is this little boy is thinking? Let us acll him Amir. His hands are folded and he is standing in little pink flip-flops which he probably inherited or even found. Maybe they were found on the corpse of a little girl whose body was blasted by a suicide bomber or an American solider. His pose is not relaxed and there is tension in his expression. His hands folded closely to his body reveal a sense of insecurity or maybe he is trying to hold on to all he has left…… himself….. his little pink flip-flops and the helpless expression on his face.  The trauma of this war on the innocent children, the next generation we do not know – and neither are we likely until Amirs’ generation grows up. Perhaps Amir will become a doctor or a future politician and try to create a new Iraq – or the Iraq in the stories of his parents dreams. Or maybe he will be recruited into a terrorist organisation.
The question is would we blame him?

Not I.


~ by no2wars on 26/10/2008.

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