American Muslim fighting in the War on Terror

Feroz Khan resting her head on her sons gravestone

Feroz Khan resting her head on her sons gravestone

Ever since Obama decided to run for the presidency there have been rumours of him being a Muslim. His fathers Muslim background was constantly mentioned as if it was enough reason to doubt his loyality. It didn’t matter that there were pictures of him singing “hallellujah” in a church or wearing a golden cross round his neck the size of a water melon. Just the fact that he had an ounce of Muslim blood in him was enough to send people into a frenzy.

28 million DVDs of the film Obsession – Radical Islams War Against the West was circulated all over the swing states. Videos of crazed extremists beheading people or ranting and raging about their hate towards the West, was spread to the furthest corners of the states. Each clip in the film insinuating that supporting Obama was electing a terrorist,and therefor threatning American freedom and security.

Then I came across the above photograph of a mother weeping over the grave of her son who served in Iraq. He was not a Christian and nor was his name Bob. His name was Kareem Rashid Sultan Khan, yes a Muslim who served in USA Iraqi Freedom, who gave his life for “his” country. I guess the US didnt see his religious background a concern when he was packed of to get blown to bits in Iraq. I guess as long as he was not aiming for a position of power it was never a problem.


~ by no2wars on 04/11/2008.

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