A letter to Obama

Dear Obama,

I have been an avid supporter of your campaign. I am not an American, but I am a firm believer in the freedom of speech, democracy and the rights of all human beings no matter what their colour or ethnic background.

I am concerned about the Middle East. I am concerned about the future of every man, woman and child. I am concerned about injustices being done in the name of democracy.

I thought and I believed that you were the answer to all these concerns. Your speech “Yes we can” was not only for Americans, it was for ALL of humanity. Your victory speech was not just for black and white Americans but for all of us who experince racism every day either because of our skin colour or our religious beliefs. Your speech raised us to a new level and made us raise our heads in pride and repeat with hand on heart “yes we can”.

I am now worried. My tears of joy have turned to tears of sorrow and a fear for the future after I learnt later today that an important position was given to Rahm Emanuel. My heart skipped a beat and the joy I had felt for months dissintegrated to a pleading whimper of “please not again”. Not more brutal policies punishing a people for the security of a country which already has more nuclear heads than any other country, Not more support for a country which is devouring more palestinian land and breaking the laws which protect human rights.

I now wonder who will hear the cries of the mother crying over her dead children in the dirt in Iraq? Who will help re-plant the hundreds and thousands of olive trees which took generations to nourish, which were uprooted by the Zionists? Who will wipe away the tears of the orphaned children who lost their parents in senseless, deceitful wars?

Obama I thought you were the light in the dark. I thought your insight in the suffering of the human soul and the first-hand experince of growing up without a father would make you reflect over the suffering of the millions of children who are growing up in the Middle East without a parent.

I hope you here the cries of millions of jews, muslims and christians in the Middle East who want an end to the years of misery and injustice.

With a prayer on my fathers grave, your fathers grave and the graves of all the men women and children who have lost their lives in the Middle East, I pray that you do what you can to build bridges instead of walls and create an atmosphere of peace and hope.


~ by no2wars on 05/11/2008.

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