Blood and Bones of Innocents

Is it through our dichotomies that we are able to make sense of ourselves?

Is is through the eyes of our enemies that we prove to ourselves what we are not?

Conflicts are a part of our history.
Not a single decade without bloodshed.
We consider ourselves to be the civilized West,
When each milestone of our cultural heritage is seeped in blood.

Our success is built on a foundation of
Blood and broken bones of innocents.

Wether in Europe, Asia or Africa.
We have managed to slaughter our chances
of reaching our goal of the perfect civilization

Africans packed and shipped in boats
to plough the Europeans plantations in the new America.

Torture, shackles and dehumanization was their reward for their suffering.
Their comfort was music for the soul
Dances infront of the fire their release.
In a corner a whimper can be heard.
A song.
The humming of a lullaby
For a pale skinned child in the arms of it’s black skinned mother.

Across the ocean……
1919, Amritsar,
Sikhs in a peaceful demonstration
A mother weeps over a bloody corpse
Her child, massacred along with 400 others.
The Raj’s attempt to silence voices of freedom.
This is just 400 among millions slaughtered for Queen and country.

WWI and WWII, more blood, more death
6 million jews in industrial-like slaughter camps
while Europe watched in silence.
Cartoons and media propaganda projecting anti-semetic sentiments
The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas
Anne Franks’ Diary
Children caught in the middle of senseless wars

1948 Palestine. Slaughter, eradication and eviction
Millions displaced from the land of their forefathers.
Bulldozed homes
Uprooting av olive gardens
Uprooting of families livelihood
To build a wall of suppression and seperation
A wall to seperate the rich from the poor
The suppressed and the oppressors.

Abu Ghraib

Whose next?
Iran? Syria?

History is believed to be linear.
It is in fact circular.
We just go round and round
Causing more death and destruction
For our own selfish needs.
For the progression of our own civilization
So heads of state can build our future on
The blood and bones of innocents


~ by no2wars on 16/11/2008.

One Response to “Blood and Bones of Innocents”

  1. I really like what you did here. wasnt expecting this but you have alot of reflections on things. really interesting

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