Tariq Ali Talks Tough

“TV:Despite Huntington’s theory of the “clash of civilizations” now being discredited, why do you think it still claims credibility among academics?

TA: I really don’t know. Most academics live in a bubble world, writing in a private language remote from reality. So we shouldn’t be too surprised that Huntington’s instrumentalist fictions (as well as those of Bernard Lewis and others) are still taken seriously by some.”

I just love the above quote. It is true that academics live in their own little bubble world. Dabbling with their perception of things which has nothing to do with reality. Of course their are some academics which do a wonderful job and deserve respect for their understanding and reflections on the society we live in.

Unfortunately reflective academics remain silent on issues like immigration and discrimination. There is a need for them on the frontline instead of leaving Norwegian Progress Party and islamophobic organisations like Human Rights Service or HonestThinking to hijack these debates. They spread propaganda and hatered about ethnic minorities based on their own xenophobia.


~ by no2wars on 18/11/2008.

One Response to “Tariq Ali Talks Tough”

  1. Norwegian politics are not as bad as Danish politics. They are really racist. Im glad I moved away from there….

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