Extremism which is underplayed…..

No blame game please by Sadia Raza looks at the issue of Hindu extremism. We have heard alot about Muslim extremism, but not about Hindu extremist groups. There are several different groups who are responsible for burning down churches and mosques, and attacking people in the street.

In India, there are three distinct types of militancy: Left wing extremist, Separatist and Religious. Left-wing extremist groups like people’s Guerrilla Army, People’s War Group, Maoist Communist Centre, Communist Party of India-Maoist and Communist Party of India Janashakti are engaged in terrorist activities. Similarly, Separatists groups in Indian seven sister states are actively fighting against state repressions. Only in Assam at least 35 unknown separatist groups are operating whereas, in Manipur, there is people’s Liberation Army.

In Meghalaya, there is People’s Liberation Front of Meghalaya. Nagaland has at least three known insurgent entities, Tripur has 30 and Mizoram has two. Then there is Arunchal Dragon Force in Arunchal Pradesh. In religious sphere there are extremist Hindu groups like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shiv Sehna, Bajrang Dal and RSS are the main Hindu extremist groups which have been found involved in terrorist activities against other communities. Even some of these groups have also been involved in earlier terrorist incidents like Gujarat carnage, which cannot be ignored. While investigating these attacks, the Indian intelligence agencies should also consider this factor of home-grown militancy.

Certainly, the terrorist attacks in Indian financial capital Mumbai is a wake-up call for the Indian intelligence community to rise up to the challenge and focus their collective energies in the right direction. B Raman, one of India’s leading analysts, is of the opinion that a whole lot of India’s militancy is “self radicalisation, self motivation and self execution”. At the same time, The Independent has reported that “the attackers were young South Asian men speaking Hindi or Urdu, suggesting they are probably members of an Indian militant group rather than foreigners”. These points are only referred to suggest that unless there is adequate evidence of outside involvement, other possible factors should also be probed.

According to an article in Times Online Hindu extremists offer a reward for those who kill Christians.


~ by no2wars on 05/12/2008.

2 Responses to “Extremism which is underplayed…..”

  1. Interesting quote: In India, there are three distinct types of militancy: Left wing extremist, Separatist and Religious. Where is it from?


  2. In a continent as large and as diverse both culturally and religiously, as India there will always be negative elements. India (and Pakistan) have a history of communal violence. There have been horrific riots where neighbors have slaughtered each other – Muslims against Hindus and vice-versa. Then we have the slaughter of hundreds of innocent Sikhs in the Golden Temple.
    Then there is the issue of Kashmir.
    Where is this militancy coming from – I think that political and religious leaders are taking advantage of for example the recent attacks in Mumbai to fire up support for Hindu extremist organisations. The sad thing is that they are recruiting members based on a false ideology and false hope of security.
    I think that education is extremely important, and focus on human rights and mutal understanding both through education, media etc.
    Also there must be a crackdown of corruption in the military, government, police and judicary. This also goes for Pakistan and other South Asian countries.

    It is also important to find out how much of a had foreign forces play in for example increasing the conflict between the neighbouring countries…..

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