Do Muslims have to be so predictable?

Danish cartoon which supposedly portrays the prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

Danish cartoon which supposedly portrays the prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

I just received a messsage from a group of Muslims asking me to join in a protest against the publication of “The Jewel of Medina” by Sherry Jones. For those who may not know of the book here is a short summary: Sherry Jones wrote a FICTIONOUS novel about the prophets youngets wife Aisha. It fantasy through the eyes of a Western writer and nothing else.  It is neither slanderous or insulting, but publishers are terrified to print it in fear of death threats and rioting Muslims. Long bearded men who claim to be pious Muslims called Sherry Jones an enemy of Islam without even having read book.  I totally disagree with these accusations, Jones’ book cannot be compared to the Danish cartoons. It is not bigotry, it is not insulting anyone. It is only fiction and should be treated as such.

Warning!In the above clip there is a tasteless harem clip, but what else can we expect of the Western media which reflects it’s orientalism through the images it uses. But look past the that and listen to what Sherry Jones is saying.

Months after the Danish cartoons were printed and support was rallied for demonstrations the media had reports of  “the Muslim world outraged”, “Muslim world set a light”. What the media didn’t tell was that onlt a few hundred people demonstrated out of the 1,3 billion millions in the world. The media  neither mentioned that the Egyptian Arabic  newspaper Al Fagr printed the same cartoons four months prior to the riots without bating an eyelid. In his article,  Bonfire of the Pieties by Amir Taheri, (The Wall Street Journal 8/2/2006) Taheri explains the involvement of The Muslim Botherhood in gathering demonstrators:

The “rage machine” was set in motion when the Muslim Brotherhood — a political, not a religious, organization — called on sympathizers in the Middle East and Europe to take the field. A fatwa was issued by Yussuf al-Qaradawi, a Brotherhood sheikh with his own program on al-Jazeera. Not to be left behind, the Brotherhood’s rivals, Hizb al-Tahrir al-Islami (Islamic Liberation Party) and the Movement of the Exiles (Ghuraba), joined the fray. Believing that there might be something in it for themselves, the Syrian Baathist leaders abandoned their party’s 60-year-old secular pretensions and organized attacks on the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus and Beirut.

Protests in England

A few hundred protestors in England

Those who participated in the above demonstrations did their cause more damage. Not only did they play into the hands of the Western medias stereotypes of Muslims hungry for the blood of “infidels” and trying to prevent the freedom of speech – but they also  resulted in people feeling that stricter immigration laws and stripping Muslims of the civili liberties in Europe and America were justified. Muslims were thus viewed with more suspicion than previously.

As Sherry Jones attempts to print her book, I wonder how many more demonstrations there will be., where Muslims make a fool of themselves in the public eye. I understand that Muslims have been subjected to discrimination for  several decades, and epecially after 11th September there was a wave of hate crime against them in USA, Germany, France and UK. Muslims have every right to demonstrate, voice their opinions, but holding up posters with “Death to America” or “Kill infidels”  is not helping the debate. We need to use a more peaceful tactic which encourages people to be knowledgeable about their faith and politics in the world.

We need less blood

More peace and unity


~ by no2wars on 07/12/2008.

8 Responses to “Do Muslims have to be so predictable?”

  1. Very well said! It’s ironic really. I don’t know if you’re familiar with hadeeth, the stories of the prophet Muhammed, but one tells of a neighbour (some say she is Jewish) who used to greet the prophet every morning by throwing her garbage at him. A few days went by and she didn’t show up so, and here’s the good part, he goes and visits her to make sure she is okay. THAT is Islam. THAT is our prophet. Not the disgusting, violent, and completely unIslamic methods our fellow ‘muslims’ up there resorted to. I highly doubt that the prophet himself, being the man in question, would’ve reacted this way. They’re pathetic attempts to, like you said, show the world our need to off all the ‘infidels’ around us. So thanks guys, for playing right into their hands!

    About the book, the video wouldn’t load, but I have heard speculations as to Muslims’ reactions circulating. From what I’ve heard I personally think it sounds tacky and vulgar, resorting to using a respected Prophet’s wife to make money. But I’ve yet to read the book.

    Then again, that’s me. But I’m not about to go on riots or protests and issue death threats over it, because frankly I have bigger fish to fry. There’re kids starving to death in numerous 3rd world countries who’d appreciate if that effort was directed towards them….

    Anyway, great blog you go going on. I’ll definitely be back to check up =)

  2. Yes I know about the Hadith which you refer to.
    It’s important that we are also critical to negative elements within our own communities, but that we are not bullied into keeping our silence about the bigotry which exists in the West.
    Please continue to leave your comments. They are encouraging and helpful.

  3. It is very refreshing to read the comments by souvenirsandscars and no2wars, it is unfortunately extremely seldom one hear that sensible kind of argumentation and tolerance from the muslim side. the World will be a much better place to live if we can make that kind of comments and discussions the norm more than the exception

  4. Thanks. We are struggling to find a balance. We can not afford to be too one sided in our views because there is more to the stories we read in the media than meets the eye. But when it comes to the War in Terror the blame lies soley on the Coalition of the Willing who went to war based on lies and the blood of innocents.

  5. I know this isn’t the response one would expect to your reply – which is why I’m writing four days later (I really thought this one over!)- but your clear distinction that it’s “extremely seldom one hear that sensible kind of argumentation and tolerance from the muslim side” just sits wrong with me.

    I’m sorry. I’d love to leave it at thank you but that’d be contradicting the very reason I choose to comment on this post in the first place.

    Instead, I would say that the majority of people on both sides of any conflict/argument show intolerance and insensibility, and that the world would be a better place if both sides of any conflict were to display tolerance and sensibility. Once the veneer of political correctness is removed, it’s the minority, on both sides, who show true tolerance. Most recently you could look at America’s President-elect and the staggering amount of racism he faced. For further reference you can reread no2war’s article above or take to a look at any major conflict in the history of man. Intolerance is human nature. Not Muslim nature.

    I sincerely hope that you aren’t offended by my reply. It seems very rude, coming after yours =/

    Here’s to tolerance and sensibility becoming the norm rather than the exception, then =)

  6. I totally agree with you “Souvenirsandscars” but the fact is that the mainstream media has a tendency to show only one side of the story: The crazed blood thirsty Mullahs and dissidents like Ayan Hirshi Ali or Irshad Manji (see my post on this one). So can we blame people for believing that we are fanatical or unable to have our own individual reflections?

    Maybe through our blogs we can amke people reconsider some of their preconceived ideas about Muslims or non-westerners for that matter :)))

  7. A5JSEF Thanks for good post

  8. […] Prophet I follow. I don’t stoop to their level. For those who disagree, read this article, by no2wars. I quoted the hadeeth of the Prophet and I will do so again: a neighbour of the Prophet (some say […]

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