Our financial crisis is insignificant in comparison

The media in Europe and America has talked of practically nothing else except the financial meltdown. We are doomed they howl and it will be a long while until we are going to see a change. Some are predicting another 3 years of depression. I’ve noticed that cafes are not as full as they used to be… People must be back to the Nescafe instant granules and a digestive biscuit, instead of munching carrot cakes with an americano or espresso.

While we clutch our purses closer and cut up our credit cards in case we have the urge to buy what we cannot afford, I wonder about the poorer people in the world. There are many – too many –  East and West…. on our own streets in Europe, sleeping under bridges, shop doorways under layers of cardboard boxes and newspapers to keep out the biting cold.

Palestinians stand in front of closed doors of the Arab Bank in Gaza City on Thursday. Banks in the Gaza Strip closed their branches today due to lack of liquidity and Israel's refusal to authorise cash transfers to the besieged territory. Israel imposed a blockade after the Islamist takeover and further tightened the sanctions on Nov. 5 following a flare-up in violence. Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images

The people my heart goes out to at this time is the Palestinians whoonce again have to face another blockade.  For almost a month the Israeli government has stopped the flow of money, people and food, and it is having detrimental effects on the people of Gaza – yes men, women, children, the infirm.On several occasions aid

(medicine and food)  from neighboring countries has been returned to the countries of origin. Fishermen trying to fish in the waters have been shot or threatened. Now there are  cash shortage are forcing banks in Gaza to shutdown and here we were thinking our  financial problems were bad.

What about Eid? What about the children? What about humanity? What about the psychological effects of years of occupation and maltreatment? What about the effects of lands you have owned for generations, and your only livelihood being stripped from under your feet? Do the Palestinians have the right to resist? Can the occupation and treatment be compared in some way to the treatment of the Jews before the Holocaust.

Elderly Palestinian woman being attcked by Jewish settlers in cluding children.

Elderly Palestinian woman being attcked by Jewish settlers in cluding children.

The Palestinians are not viewed as a people. They are dehumanized, not worth more than the dirt beneath the boots of the Israeli soldiers who stamp on their belongs and kick them in the gut. How much more can the Palestinian people take I wonder. For over 60 years they have been uprooted, bullied and terrorised by the Israeli government. The international community reacts, reports, but to no avail. Israel is after all backed with billions of American taxpayers money and is the USAs democratic allie. What are the chances of USA slapping the fingers of the Israelis? Not much the government is likely to bite back with such ferocity that the US of A would whimper and scuttle into a corner to lick it’s wounds.

Israeli asking for the seige on Gaza to end

Israeli asking for the seige on Gaza to end

Change will come when Israelis take a stance and say NO!  No more human rights abuses in their name. No more representation by blood thirsty leaders who create more freedom fighters and martyrs for every olive tree uprooted, every house torn down and every drop of innocent blood spilt on the streets.

Recommended readings/links:

Blood on their hands (pdf file) a major investigative report on child killings perpetrated by the IOF in the Gaza Strip. Examines IOF killings of children in the Gaza Strip from June 2007-June 2008. During this period, IOF killed sixty eight children in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian News Network up to date news

Haber27 News A rights group says discrimination between illegal Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank is similar to what was apartheid South Africa.


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