Combat terrorism by teaching Muslims about democracy?

According to the  Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) the best solution against terrorism is to get the mosques and ISOCs to teach democracy. On their website they claim that:

unlike the many other Muslim groups out there, [we] have not just pioneered the best solution against any terrorist attack in mainland Britain (i.e. get the mosques and ISOCs to teach democracy) but [MPACUK]  has now embarked in cutting through the media propaganda to reach British Muslims, and hopefully non-Muslims, and informing them of the true nature of Muslim violence.

There are a couple things which disturb me here:

1) What is “Muslim violence”?

2) Is preventing the radicalisation of Muslims to teach them about democracy?

1) “Muslim violence” I guess is violence committed by Muslims. But is it not counter productive to use such a term when trying to combat anti-Muslim sentiments? The terrorists who blow themselves up in the name of Allah, killing innocent people in the process are NOT Muslims or heroic martyrdom. Suicide is not permissible in Islam. But in Islam it is acceptable to defend ones land and to support ones Muslim brothers under attack (its a bit like NATO except without the yards of paperwork. It’s more of a mutual agreement)

Damn wheres the rest of my shilwar man?

2nd from the left: Why can't I wave the sword this time? 2nd from the right: Damn wheres the rest of my shilwar man?

2) Teaching Muslims about democracy in Britain/West would prevent radicalisation and future suicide bombers  according to MPACUK.

Ahhhh the same democracy which went to war based on a bundle of lies and a few empty oil barrels  – which are now brimming with the silky black gold which has cost 1,5 million Iraqis their lives and a tens of thousand of military personnel theirs, not to mention the uprooting of millions of people and pressurising the neighboring countries.

The same democracy which allowed rendition flights, and has cooperated with the USA in capturing perceived terrorists and shipping them off to Guantanamo. The same democracy which has put in place anti-terror legislations which is stripping civilians of their civil liberties: stop and search, detaining without reason for several weeks, media censorship in the time of war and accusing Muslim charity organisations of supporting “terrorist organisations” abroad.

The hypocrisy, the lies, the arrogance, the deception…..

If we want to prevent radicalisation then perhaps we should start to speak the truth instead of in tongues. The British government should encourage equal opportunities, humane treatment of asylum seekers, and stop making Muslims the enemies. Remember we are talking about British Muslims – not some shepherd from a remote village in Kazakhstan. Its British Muslims who know what democracy is and have first hand experience in how it has failed them, their parents and their children.

The brits who have come to make Iraq democratic and free!!

The brits who have come to make Iraq democratic and free!!

So while Muslim organisations are busy teaching British Muslims about democracy and human rights, I suggest they include a course for the inner city yobs, the teenage pregnant girls in Sighthill, the wife-bashing men in Liverpool, English football hooligans and the overworked mums who can neither read or write.

Believing that we in the West hold the key to the perfect society is dillusional. We do not. The statistics over violence against women and children, alcohol and substance abuse, anti-social behavior among school children and much more reveals that we have issues of our own.

Decent behavior? Maybe they need to learn a little about democracy, human decency and self-control?

Decent behavior? Maybe they need to learn a little about democracy, human decency and self-control?

Interesting reads in the British papers:

Binge drinking in the UK

Judge sick of yobs

Teenage pregnancies in UK


~ by no2wars on 08/12/2008.

5 Responses to “Combat terrorism by teaching Muslims about democracy?”

  1. Brilliantly said… you highlight many issues with the “teach Muslims democracy” theory.

    What I particularly like is that you mentioned how the terrorists’ actions are wrongly referred to as “Muslim violence” when what they’re doing violates Muslim beliefs…

    It’s like how the press always refer to terrorists as “Islamists” or members of “Militant Islam” when really the terrorists are using religion as an excuse to do these unspeakable things.

    I remember cringing at this article earlier this year:

  2. I read the article about the big friendly giant who turned into a jihadi overnight. Nick Reily was believed to have had some serious learning disabilities, a weight problem and several other issues – low self-esteem etc. According to reports he was “brainwashed” after he entered into Islam and was indoctrinated into commiting a suicide attack (a failed one at that).

    I do believe that vulnerable people, with difficult childhoods, and perhaps victims of bullying at school find religious groups, or any organisation for that matter, attractive. They are accepted, included, because of a common interest and belief. I can also imagine that some extremists would give a person like Nicky a special place in the group because he is a Muslim convert.

    But how a person goes from being a school teacher, father, son to a terrorist cannot be discussed in one line – it demands more space so therefor I will write another post on this issue – Hope you will enjoy me in the discussion 🙂

  3. Yes, Insha’Allah.

    The thing which made me cringe was the way the press covered the story… that Reily was “brainwashed at the the chippy by Muslims”… the whole style of reporting made it seem like any vulnerable person is susceptible to Muslims (in general) who of all places are choosing to recruit from chippies!

    The IRA claimed that their actions were in the name of religion, however no one refers to them as Christianists or Christian terrorists… they are simply terrorists.

  4. “Combat terrorism by teaching Muslims about democracy?
    Ignited Identity” was indeed a terrific article,
    can not wait to examine a lot more of ur blogs. Time to waste a bit of time on the web lmao.

    Many thanks -Thelma

  5. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your article seem to be running off the screen in
    Opera. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The design look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon.

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