This is bound to backfire……

Should we be concerned when the government and media have smear campaigns against specific charities and organisations? Since 911 governments have been under pressure to crackdown on the financing of terrorist organisations.

There are systematic campaigns against Muslim organisations and charity groups which provide funding for Palestinians, Somalians or any other Muslims.  The Institute for Race Relations has an interesting article on their website on this issue which is worth taking a look at: Bank withdraws facilities from Muslim charity

Interpal, also known as the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, has been the victim of innuendo ever since its name appeared on a US Treasury list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists in 2003. Even though powerful international interests seem intent on frustrating Interpal’s work of providing emergency relief to Palestinians, it has never been proscribed in the UK. Two previous Charity Commission investigations over allegedly supplying funds to terrorist groups have vindicated it of any wrong-doing. While a third Charity Commission investigation is ongoing, Interpal is confident that once again the charity will be found innocent of the charge of ‘indirect’ links to the military wing of Hamas, which is on the EU list of proscribed organisations.

On 12 November Interpal received notification from the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) that Lloyds TSB, IBB’s clearing bank, had served notice on IBB to cease all dealings with Interpal. The order, initially effective as of 8 December, has since been revised to 30 January 2009.

This is yet again Islamophobia showing it’s ugly face in the form of government organised bigotry. How can we be sure that Christian charity groups are not supplying funding to extremist Christians in the USA or Africa?  What about Hindu charity groups funding the killing of Christians in Orissa?

The work of the charity group Interpal is crucial in helping children in Palestine who are already suffering under blockades and inhumane treatment at the hands of the Israeli gowernment. Stopping their flow of financial aid is slowly squeezing the life out of a people who have seen nothing but poverty, death and blood the past 60 years.

And the fact that Muslim organisations are being singled out is a clear sign of bigotry – yes lets call it Islamophobia.


~ by no2wars on 08/12/2008.

2 Responses to “This is bound to backfire……”

  1. Great post… it is appalling, especially considering that it was originally timed to coincide with Eid il Kibeer where the charity needs to deliver qurbanis.

    Lloyds TSB has yet to provide a proper reason. Ironically, this is also the bank which is trying to branch out to Muslim customers by offering “Shariah compliant loans and bank accounts.”

  2. It’s obvious the TSB does not understand how passionately Muslims feel about the Palestinian issue. I hope that campaigns and support groups gather together to prevent this important charity group from loosing their right to supply aid to the Palestinians.
    Sarah have you seen my post on teaching Muslims about democracy? Would love to hear your comments on it.
    Eid Mubarik

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