“The Trouble with Islam” or The Trouble with Irshad”?

Irshad Manji agrees with Bill O’Reily on FOX News:

Why did I put this up?

Well I have been following Irshad Manji for sometime, but to be honest I have not been able to listen to a complete interview with her because she sounds fanatical, desperate and (sorry) bitchy.

In the above interview she does not confront  O’Reily on some of his islamophobic comments. Instead she just picks up where he left off.  She continues her crusade to try and educate and “save” Muslims/Islam. Another dellusional woman who will eventually be toppled after the media no longer needs her.

But let me get back to O’Reily –  in an interview with Franklin Graham he said

Now, the problem that many of us — I’m a Christian. I’m a Catholic. And the problem that we have is that our enemy, our primary enemy, is centered around Allah. And most media people sweep that under the carpet. “Why does Britain let so many Muslims – if you go to London, Edgware Road and other areas of London – it’s just packed with dense Muslim neighborhood , which just breed this kind of contempt for Western society. Why do they let them in?”.

If that was me I would have thought twice before I did an interview with a bigot like O’Reily

Ok so lets see how Ms Manjit behaves when she is confronted by someone who does not see her as the saviour of the Muslims but as someone who lacks knowledge and insight about the issues she is taking up

Irshad Manji vs As’ad Abu Khalil in Democracy Now (1/2)

Irshad Manji vs As’ad Abu Khalil in Democracy Now (2/2)

Complete transcript can be found below or here


~ by no2wars on 09/12/2008.

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