Omar Khadr’s life destroyed by his radical Muslim father?

There have been reports about the “boy soldier” Omar Khadr who has been in Guantanamo since he was 15 years old. Omar was captured after the house he occupied was ambushed by American forces in Eastern Afghanistan. All the occupants who were believed to be Al-Qaida members, were killed except Omar who was shot in the back twice by American troops. According to reports Omar threw a hand grenade which killed a US soldier. There is no evidence of Omar throwing the grenade, and Omar’s lawyers say it is impossible since for their client to have thrown the grenade since he was found lying under rubble.

Interrogation tapes of Omar in Guantanamo:

Democracy 1/2 interview with Michelle Shephard

Democracy Now 2/2 interview with Michelle Shephard

CBS NEWS interview with the Khadrs worth watching!

The inhumane treatment of Gitmo detainees is a black mark in our human rights history, but it is also shocking to know that parents would willingly send their children into war zones or teach them about working with explosives. I disagree with the War on Terror, and I’m just as furious as the next guy, but as the mother of a 13 year old I am also aware of how impressionable boys are at that age. They should not have to be thrown in to political hot-spots and turned into little martyrs for the scent of 72 virgins. Instead they need our guidance and love to make the right choices. When I see young boy in the wheel chair talking about the 72 virgins I feel sick to my stomache.


~ by no2wars on 15/12/2008.

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