Bush’s pride and glory: the war OF terror

So he is proud of the War on Terror is he? This is what you call being delusional or living in denial. Take the time to ask  troops with a conscience who served in Iraq, or the families in Iraq on how their lives have been affected. I’m sure they will say they are worse off today.

Bush and his blood hounds have a distorted view of reality and it is beyond me how they can be happy with the blood of a whole nation on their hands.

George Bush announced today:

“We sent a clear message that America will not distinguish between terrorists and those who harbor them,”

The Iraq War was therefore necessary because Saddam Hussein was a “destabilizing force in the Middle East.”

Lets back up a minute….. Saddam was not a destabilizing factor in the Middle East – WESTERN FOREIGN POLICIES were the destabilizing factor. And as for US not distinguishing between those who harbor terrorists and the terrorists themselves I see this as the biggest piece of bullshit ever. So if someone hides in my home who killed someone means I am guilty too? What the f…. .

I need a cup of tea….. I’m furious….. Meanwhile take a look at these pictures :

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

Foto: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad


~ by no2wars on 17/12/2008.

4 Responses to “Bush’s pride and glory: the war OF terror”

  1. So any of us who served in Iraq and are not sunk in self loathing are without a conscience? Is that what you’re implying?

  2. “Self loathing” your words not mine. But those who defend the war on terror as justified need to look at the reality of the situation. Innocent men and women were sent to Iraq to fight a war based on lies.
    NO WMD
    Saddam was not a Bin Laden allie
    Iraq was not abreeding ground for terrorism until the Coalition of the Bloody Willing went marching in.

  3. I was referring to your “ask troops with a conscience who served in Iraq” comment. It implies that you believe that soldiers with a conscience would agree with your denounce, but – by inference – those without might not.

  4. Yes I guess that you can draw that conclusion. The question now is what is it that bothers you about my post?

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