The chilling words of truth of Bilal Abdullah

Bilal Abdullah told the court in Woolich that he wanted to “bring the Iraq issue to life”. I understand – honestly I do.

Iraqi doctor Bilal Abdulla,h found guilty of Glasgow Airport Attack

Iraqi doctor Bilal Abdulla,h found guilty of Glasgow Airport Attack

He wanted to bring the plight of the Iraqis to the center of public debate instead of the focus on terrorism which has increased ten-fold since 2003. His country never experienced a suicide attack until The Occupation. Millions displaced and 1,3 million killed since 2003, malnutrition, rising extremism, sectarian violence and Iraqi women selling their bodies to feed their children are probably a few of the thoughts which Abdullah probably had running through his mind.

Bringing the plight of the Iraqis to life by trying to kill innocent civilians is not justified. Dr. Abdulla could have found other means…. start a blog, an antiwar movement, gathered medicine and doctors to fly to Iraq to help “his people”. Instead the education his family probably used their life savings on has gone to waste. Not only has he destroyed his own future, but also the possibilities for all those who were dependent on his income to survive the hardships they face as Iraqi refugees.

I have to add that it is neither justified for our elected governments to rain down bombs on innocent civilians to erradicate terror on suck the oil and blood out of a country for their own selfish future gains.

“I wanted the public to taste what is going on, for them to have a taste of what the decisions of their democratically elected murderers did to my people.

“I wanted to challenge the government’s proposal that war brings peace, will bring peace to this country, that pre-emptive strikes will bring peace to this country.

“War brings only war and hatred. If you want peace, bring peace. If you want love, give love.

“We intended to bring a device that would give just a taste, the taste of fear. It would look professional, it was dangerous, but in reality it was not.

Can Abdullas thoughts and feelings be compared with the American soldiers who have the images of 911 in their mind? The soldiers who went on a killing spree in the streets of Iraq or the mercenaries who shot innocent civilians while listening to music in their jeep? The images of people jumping from the Twin Towers attempting to escape the flames, the 3000 people who perished and the mushroom clouds of dust engulfing the city…… and when in Iraq they wanted vegence and make the “sand-niggers” taste the fear?  Can we allow ourselves to think outside our we-them and see the similarities? I think we can and we must if we are to move forward.

Extra: Jordanian neurologist found not guilty


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