The journalist who became an international hero after throwing his shoes at Bush, Muntadhar al-Zeidi was supposed to have been present in court today to hear the charges against him. Instead the hearing was held in his prison cell. According the police al-Zeidi would be confined for another eight days. According to the al-Zeidi family the hero has been severely beaten and abused. Muntadars brother, Dargham al-Zeidi, reported that his brother was treated for broken ribs and arm at the military hospital in the green zone.

“That means my brother was severely beaten and they [authorities] fear that his appearance could trigger anger at the court” said Dargham.


Shoes are set atop an effigy of U.S. President George W. Bush in Beirut. photo: AP

Today there was allegedly a letter from Muntadar begging to be pardoned by Bush. The question is wether this letter was written under duress or a desperate way to save further torture.

Muntadars al-Zeidi has become a hero not only in the Middle East, but also for us in the West and for all those who have opposed the US backed War of Terror. The question now is whether this hero is going to have to pay for his life and most importantly whether the treatment of detainees has changed in the new Iraq or whether they are just the same as under Saddam Hussein.


~ by no2wars on 18/12/2008.

2 Responses to “Muntadhar al-Zeidi: BRUTAL BEATING OF IRAQI SHOE HERO”

  1. the US attacks it self and blames arabics, as an excuse to take the oil. The oil wells are safe, We will find weapons of mass distruction, Oil for food program, Do not worry, there is plenty of oil for everyone to get paid, Food for oil program. He missed he only attempted to hit president Bush. Free Muntazer al-Zeidi!! Long live the shoe thrower!! Next time do not talk before throwing the shoes. Iraq and Mexico governments do not help the poor, there’s many poor. Blood for oil!! The US want to help Mexico control organized crime as an excuse to take over the country: it is already controlled by the US. Just like they took ove Puerto Rico: Helping to control organized crime.

  2. Venezuela is next: They also have our oil!!

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