Lets all move to Japan or Cuba

Japan is in first place in a global survey of child development released by Save the Children’s British branch Wednesday, but was urged by the international charity to show leadership in improving the lives of kids around the world. While commending Japan for achieving the highest score on child health, nutrition and education, Save the Children called on Japan to take the lead in enhancing the lives of children elsewhere in the world.

Sarah Hague of Save the Children in London said: “The index shows Japan is leading the world in caring for its children. Japan provides an example of what is possible. Now it is important that countries at the top of the index help those at the bottom to improve.

“In the current financial crisis, rich countries like Japan must provide aid and assistance to poorer countries to improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. Over 9 million children under 5 die every year from preventable causes and it is vital that the developed world does not turn its back on them.”

Children are better off in Cuba than in USA

Children are better off in Cuba than in USA

According to the report Cuba ranks 20th out of 137 countries. Cuba follows Japan, Spain, Canada, Italy, Finland, Iceland, France, the UK, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Luxemburg, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Ireland and Switzerland. The US ranks 23rd.

Way to go Cuba – not only is there free healthcare and education, affordable medicine but children are better off too. So does that mean the USA should now stop trying to impose democracy in a country which functions better than they do?


~ by no2wars on 22/12/2008.

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  1. I also mentioned that survey at the end of this post:

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