Can it be ignored that Israel slaughtered 280 people in one day?

And they are continuing their “operations” on Gaza. According to reports just in Israel is now sending ground forces to the Gaza border. It can only be said that this is going to be one of the bloodiest attacks we have seen on Palestinians in 40 years.

The Israeli Ambassador Gabriela Shalev told reporters her country acted in self defense. She said, “Israel wants peace…and we are negotiating a peace, even in these days, with our Palestinian partners.” While Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said civilian casualties would be avoided in Gaza, and that Hamas is Israel’s target. He also pledged to avert a humanitarian crisis.

These are not operations. This is not peace. This is a MASSACRE by the blood thirsty Israeli vampires in office.

News today just in :

Irish Times


Hatem Shurrab SKY NEWS Islamic Relief Palestine


~ by no2wars on 28/12/2008.

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