Was the attack on Gaza City justified?

Obama said the following on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict:

“If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that (…) And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”

His one sided view on this issue is disturbing. Should the Palestinians not be allowed to do everything in their power to prevent the ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses by the Israeli government?

I read that Hamas had fired rockets and mortars into Israel the past months, but the number of people killed or hurt is not many – according to reports most of these rockets either don’t function properly and miss their target or just don’t explode… I am not saying that these deaths or attacks are insignificant. The attacks by Israel into the heart of Gaza City where most of the dead were civilians and police is a massacre and the Israeli attack was disproportionate to the attack by Hamas.


~ by no2wars on 28/12/2008.

7 Responses to “Was the attack on Gaza City justified?”

  1. Is hand made rockets comparable with Israeli modern troops?

    “His one sided view on this issue is disturbing.” And unfortunately many people have got this one sided view nowadays..

    Your blog is so good. I am adding you to my blogrol.

  2. I totally agree with you. Many would say that Hamas had been warned and an Israeli spokesman on Aljazeera said right this minute “The international community has asked Hamas to stop attacks on Israeli homes”.. My immediate thought was that the international community has also criticised Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians. Imagine 5.2 million people have taken over 80% of a land and have left 20% to the indigenous people – the Palestinians.

  3. No, Israel has the right to defend itself. Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israel even after the truce ended. You DO know the occupation ended in 2005, right?

    It’s ridiculous how much hate-filled propaganda comes from ignorance..

  4. Occupation ended??? What are you talking about? According to who? The Palestinians have been occupied since 1948 and then in 1967.
    Propaganda is twisting the truth. Yes there have been rockets fired into Israeli territories but like i said the rockets are “homemade”. You cannot compare them to the military might of Israel(4th largest nuclear power in the world which receives 6.3 million dollars a day of US taxpayers money). The Gazans have been cornered, starved and now bombed.
    You must be dellusional or still wailing over the holocaust.
    You must adore human rights abuses

  5. There was a ceasefire between Israel and the palestinians for a while, the problem is that Gaza was still under sanctions. And in the west bank, despite Fatah bending over backwards, the settlements keep popping up. So the choice for the palestinians is to fight back, and get a war, or do nothing, and still die of starvation, lack of medicines and keep loosing land to the settlements.

    About Obama, he has a point. Bu he needs to be asked what he would do if his house was surrounded, and only a trickle of food and medicine was let throug. Seeing his daughters die a little everyday, how would he react?

  6. Shoaib thats an extremely important point. It is only through identification that we can make people understand the situation.

  7. Just read that Hamas fired 150 rockets and mortars into Israel which killed 1 person and wounded 12. Beber Vaknin a 58 year old died after a rocket his his home. These attacks are not insignificant – but they are an example of how badly armed Hamas is and should therefore not be compared to Hamas.

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