“Terrorism has it’s roots in the Arab world” was the opinion of one blogger I was communicating with today. Although I disagree with this I would like to hear from others who agree or disagree with this view.

Terrorism has it's roots in the Arab world?

Terrorism has it's roots in the Arab world?


~ by no2wars on 31/12/2008.


  1. Terrorism is a relative term that the anglosaxon world only applies to darker and poorer folks. Any action by any group of people can be construed to be terrorism.
    American founding fathers attacking British Loyalists? Terrorism
    Nelson Mandela fighting against Apartheid? Terrorism
    Jewish Groups bombing the Kind David Hotel? Terrorism

    History is written by the winners, all others are merely terrorists.

    If this person wanted to claim that the basis for modern medicine and mathmatics came from the Middle East I would not argue.

  2. I second everything Boulos says, spot on comment!

  3. I found this by Paul Eidelberg: “The root cause of terrorism is simply this: Arab or Muslim terrorists are patronized, more precisely, they are rewarded for killing and maiming innocent human beings! But what kind of regime would reward such monsters? Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz writes: “Every single root cause associated with terrorism has existed for centuries, and the vast majority of groups with equivalent or more compelling causes—and with greater poverty—have never resorted to terrorism.” The Historic fact is that since the inception of Islam some 1,400 years ago, Muslims are reported to have slaughtered millions of “infidels”!”

    A majority actually believe this. After surfing various blogs it’s shocking to see the anti-arab extremism or even pro-western extremism which exists.

  4. Actually I never stated that, no2war. I said that terrorism was the root of our conversation, not the ethnic background of said terrorists.You tried, in that conversation, to imply that I hated Iraqis, iranians and Palestinians, when in fact I spoke of their actions, not their ethnicity. Ask me about it before you say what I did not, in fact, say.

    Terrorism’s roots are shrouded in the darkness of the Neanderthal’s cave, I’m sure. It’s a word used to describe an act committed to impose a group’s political will on another–just like war.

  5. Oh–and I thought you told me you weren’t an idealogue and that the Arab culture was nothing worth defending because it was filled with violations of human rights?

    Don’t let your blog-buddies think for you. Think for yourself.


  6. I never said that arab CULTURE was not worth defending. There is so much beauty in the Arab culture, languag and people. I do not support the tyrants who run some of the countries in the Middle East who are backed by the US administration.
    It is appaling the way some refuse to see the socio-political and historical context and prejudge for example the Palestinians or Iraqis.

  7. Magus you wrote in a previous note: “you’re ignoring the central point of terrorism. Terrorism that has its central roots in the Arab culture–which has failed catastrophically and wants to drag every other culture down as it spasms in its death-throes”.

    Terrorism has it’s “central roots in the Arab culture”? So according to your logic then it would be acceptable to say that imperialism, apartheid, World Wars, extermination of 6 million innocent Jews, ethnic cleansing of indigenous people and eurocentriscm is part of our “Western culture”?

  8. Today’s terrorism is primarily a political tool of the Arab culture, yes.

    Terrorism historically has been around for a lot longer than Arab culture.

  9. “Today’s terrorism is primarily a political tool of the Arab culture”??? Arab culture??? A political tool?
    Give me the facts please

  10. Carl Von Clausewitz stated quite correctly: “War is a continuation of state policy by other menas.”

    To say it simply: When politcial entities or any group of people cannot force the changes that they want with diplomacy etc., good or bad, they often times resort to violence.

    Total war is also an extesion of policy. When governments cannot force other states to act as they want–then they use force to make them do what they want. Just like the police: When a police officer tells someone that they are under arrest and tells them to put their hands behind their back, if the person does not comply, the officer is entitled by law to use physical force to MAKE the person put his hands behind his back and submit to arrest.

    Yes–war is politics–it’s just soldiers, not politicians doing the fighting.

  11. I beleive that some people in our world are violent, but they’re only violent because they went through hard times in thair lives that made them so depressed and hurt that they dont care about thair own people anymore, so they kill and rape and tererize people. The middle east has so much pain right now that I’m sure allmost everybody there has had a tragudy happen to them. There are maybe 100 terarists in the arub liveing towns, but there are 30,000,000 safe nice poor arub people. That statment above is not true!

  12. >>Today’s terrorism is primarily a political tool of the Arab culture, yes.

    This is not only a logical fallacy but falls flat on its face when viewed in light of facts. Firstly, this statement presumes that terrorism can only come from none state actors. Yet it conveniently fails to overlook state terrorism. Secondly, there are plenty of none state ´terrorist´ actors that are not Arab. Israeli and American state terrorism has been fully documented by independent bodies and to harp on the fact that its only Arab culture that is prone to terrorism or violence is beyond stupid, especially when the shooting incidents in America and in Europe are fairly common where for instance students are gunned down. Its only in one´s own best interest to use a bit of common sense otherwise what happens is that one puts forth generalizations as baseless as these and makes an utter fool of oneself.

  13. Sana Majeed,

    you said: “especially when the shooting incidents in America and in Europe are fairly common where for instance students are gunned down.”

    What country do you live in, Sana? I don’t believe I was “harping”. And I never said that only Arab culture used terrorism. Maybe I could end this dispute by saying that everything in the Arab culture is peachy-keen; their doing everything right and it’s the rest of the world that’s wrong and for no given reason, wants to destroy Palestinians, Arabs, Perisans and Turks. Does that make you feel better? Admit the deficiencies of the Arabs and move on. Stop blaming everyone else. There are Arabs that live in the US and all over Europe. I live in Germany, which has many, many Turkish people here. They are doing great living here–PEACEFULLY and without blowing themselves up. Why? Is it a conspiracy? Is it the Imperialistic capitalists pulling one over the eyes of Turkish Muslims?

    No–it’s people who’ve learned what it takes to survive in this world. Hard workers, who realize that killing themselves and others probably won’t grant them an immediate court with Allah.

    American Heritage Dictionary, Def. terrorism: “The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.”

  14. What does my current residence have anything whatsoever to do with a statement of yours that in no shape or form is reflective of Arab culture. You are so eager to tell me to admit the deficiencies in the Arab societies, yet you yourself show no indication or willingness to admit that your statement is orientalist. First, I never claimed that Arab culture is without its flaws. So do yourself a favor and not jump to conclusions about others especially when you have no idea where they come from. Second, its you who is doing a wonderful avoid dance and to not accept the fact that you have no clue as to what Arab world or culture is like.

    >>Today’s terrorism is primarily a political tool of the Arab culture, yes.

    And now you say >>And I never said that only Arab culture used terrorism

    I can’t remember when was the last time an Arab country waged a full war of aggression on any other country. But yeah the US has waged wars on the basis of total lies on countries that had nothing to do with attacks that were carried out in the US. And you said that it was primarily the Arab culture that uses terrorism. Hmmm still think its a statement worth giving??

    Quoting a definition of terrorism, a fine cup of coffee in the morning with a biased newspaper editorial, I am afraid, does not make one an expert on Arab culture or terrorism. Take off your blinkers, Sir. Its only for your best interest otherwise if it is your intention to come off as a blissfully ignorant redneck, you are doing one heck of a job at it.

  15. if my point has already been made please excuse me. I am a British I believe terrorists are those who attack you, when you attack others its promoting democracy

  16. The Muslims are happy in Germany? Eh…. right!Isn’t it not Germany which does not allow immigrant minorities citizenship?
    It’s weird the way people like you Magus seem to like to tell minorities about how perfect the world is and that we shouldnt complain.
    Blow up Palestinians, Iraqis….. it is not a matter of enjoying it, but our governments in the West are trigger-happy when it comes to blowing up people on the other side of the globe.

  17. And Keir yes there is hypocrisy when concerning what is defined as terrorism and what is defined as a “legitimate war”. Israel is not the terrorists – it’s Hamas I guess if Guy Fawks lived today he would have joined Hamas – I wonder if UK would still celebrate him…

  18. Guy Fawks was a terrorist. So was John Brown. Are you saying Hamas is not a terrorist group?

    no2war–do you live in Germany? Have you ever been to Germany? I’m betting the Turkish women here are happier than they are in Syria or Iran.

    None of you ever answer my questions. Why?

  19. No i havent been to Germany, but i have Turkish friends there so I hear enough. Forgot to mention the neo-nazis attacking innocent immigrants in the streets and their shops. Yes Germany is the land of the free….

  20. Do the neo-nazis represent the German government? No. They’re dumb people doing dumb things on their own accord. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I’ve never seen a neo-nazi attacking anyone here. I’m sure it happens just as much, but probably less then husbands and wives attacking each other during domestic disputes.

    If this isn’t a free land, than why are the Turkish people here? Unlike in many nations, they’re free to leave.

  21. Magus71 Have you ever heard about work.

  22. Yup. Just got done doing 24 hrs straight of it.

  23. not all terrorst are muslims :/

  24. every country has them and religion doesn’t matter

  25. http://www.terrorism.com

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