Wipe Israel off the map or Palestine wiped off the map?

Where is Israel and Palestine?

Where is Israel and Palestine?

Palestine was occupied 60 years ago – ever since then the Palestinians (Christian and Muslims by the way) have been slaughtered by the Israelis (the aggressors) with the help of the US and Britain. Israel has taken over PALESTINIAN land NOT the other way around as many may like to believe. It is Israels aggressive and inhumane policies which has led to over 5 million Palestinians fleeing their homeland, and another 5 million being punished within Gaza and the West Bank.


Q: Number UN resolutions against Israel?
A: 429 resolutions against Israel were passed, and Israel was condemned 321 times.

Q: Number UN resolutions against Palestinians?
A: NONE – nada.

Q: Who is the aggressor?
A: Israel

Q: Do the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves?
A: YES! According to Article 42 of the 1907 Hague Regulations (HR) states that a “territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army”.

Q: What do I think of the PLO? Hamas? IRA? Insurgents in Iraq, Freedom fighters in WWII?
A: Where ever a peoples basic human-rights are abused, their land is ripped out from under their feet, and they are slowly being suffocated and imprisoned by a foreign occupiers then those people have the right to defend themselves. This is also in accordans with The Hague and the UN.

Q: Should Israel be dismantled and the 5 million or so Jews returned to Europe where they originally came from?


I thought that a two state solution would solve the conflicts , but when I learnt that all the fertile land had been handed over to the Israelis I realised that two states would not be the solution. Conflicts would continue as long as a people are being stripped of their rights.

The Arab world should learn to clean up their act and show their solidarity the way that the powerful Jewish lobby in the USA and friends of Israel have managed to show Israel.

Give people peace and security and then we will see a difference. Give people a right to their own homeland.


Death toll after 5 days of Israeli attacks: 410 and rising

Injuired: over 2100 and rising every minute

Number killed in Israel by Hamas rockets and morters = 4 or 6

Number wounded = a dozen or less.


~ by no2wars on 31/12/2008.

18 Responses to “Wipe Israel off the map or Palestine wiped off the map?”

  1. The Palestinians rejected the idea of statehood at the Oslo Accords in 1993.

  2. That claim is ridiculous, the Oslo accords of 1993 were accepted and progress was made on both sides. During Oslo 2 in 1995 Israel withdrew from key cities in the West Bank. “Statehood” was never formally offered until 2000 at Camp David and Former National Security advisor Brzezinski can tell you that it was not the Palestinians who walked away from the negotiating table.

    This does not even mention that the expansion of the settlements (post 1993) was forbidden by the Oslo accords and continues to this day. And lets not forget the “cave of the patriarchs” massacre. Surely you would recognize a terrorist act when you saw one.

    Peace has been an option for Israel for years now, they keep walking away from the table.

  3. When the most fertile land is taken by the Israelis then a people cannot help but resist.
    A parallel:
    You live in a house and a large plot of land which your family have owned for generations. You get married, have two kids, a dog and two new cars. As the years pass you no longer communicate, drift appart and get divorced. Your now ex-wife with her excellent lawyer takes everything – your beautiful house and plot of land, even control of the kids and leaves you with a suitcase and a dog whose going blind and ready to drop. What would you do? Any individual with some dignity would hire a new lawyer and demand a fairer trail and most people would demand to have back the plot of land which has been in their family for generations.

  4. “When the most fertile land is taken by the Israelis then a people cannot help but resist.”

    Resist by war, which you claim to oppose.

  5. Not all resistance is violent, have you learned nothing?

  6. >>he Palestinians rejected the idea of statehood at the Oslo Accords in 1993.

    May be you should go back and check your propaganda manual as normally this myth rejection of statehood by Palestinians is only mentioned in connection with the Camp David accords of 2000.

    What happened in Oslo accords was laying down of the foundations of current apartheid system in the Occupied territories by the Israelis, which according to Desmund Tutu is worse than the South African apartheid. Its the Israelis that seek compromises from the Palestinians on some of their fundamental rights, refuse to curb settlements and keep a brutal stranglehold on the occupied territories that is against every UN resolution and civilized world´s norms. Even that is not satisfactory to Israelis and then they seek to dilute further their own commitments to the peace process, kill civilians many of them children. How is that in any shape or form a rejection by the Palestinians of their own statehood? Only the demented and the one with no empathy can conjure up such garbage in name of sane discussion.

  7. Indeed, not all resistance is violent. So stop defending Hamas.

  8. Defend Hamas?
    Hamas won in a democratic election. They gave the Israeli government a 10 year weapon truce and to return to the 1967 borders (which also the UN demands of Israel but is too scared to do anything about because of pressure from USA). They also demanded that Palestinians given freedom and equal rights.
    Its not about Hamas – Its about defending the rights of a people.
    Those who support Israel support state terrorism.

  9. “Those who support Israel support state terrorism.”

    By implying legitimacy because of its democratic election, you’re defending Hamas–yet again. You’re again dancing around the problems of Hamas’ rocket attacks. You’ve never answered my questions as to what you would do if someone were launching rockets into your neighborhood–you’ve only lost your temper and made allegations of me enjoying killing innocent Iraqis, and having no conscience.

    So you don’t support Israel’s right to exist? Do you support Hamas’ charter, that is, the destruction of Israel?

    Your views are at times, inconsistant.

  10. If a people were firing rockets at my home I would ask why? I would ask why would a people want to do such thing. Then I would use the principles of cause and effect, not pound them with bombs!
    Israel exists – there is nothing to be done about that. Stupid to even dispute that question. It is a fact so lets get over the issue of Israels right to exist.
    The question is Do the Palestinians have the right to exist.

  11. How can you blame the Palestine’s for firing? They are being held against in a small strip of land, when it belonged to them in the first place. UN only gave them a small piece of Palestinian land (and who says they are in charge? They shouldn’t be) but the Israel’s took over year by year, using violence to gain land. What is that telling you? If Israeli people didn’t do that, drive Palestinians away from what was theirs in the first place, do you think they would a reason to fire? I believe they do, at this point.

  12. don’t be drawn into mogus71’s bullshit, he is an obvious zionist megaphony shill who repeats the nonsense ad nauseum about rocket attacks. Those rockets are about as dangerous as bottle rockets and have killed probably no more than 5 people (if even that many) what is israehells response? lets massacre 1200 innocent people, kill the ambulance drivers and UN aid workers trying to help them, and then pour white phosphorous on everyone! yeh thats proportionate! magus71 if you live in the US i would kindly ask you to move to fucking israel where your real allegiance lies you traitorous monster

  13. Israel uses 100 to 1 as a measure of retaliation. On June 8th 1967 ISRAEL KNOWINGLY attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 and wounding 174 U.S.Navy Servicemen. Using their own retaliation measure the U.S. should KILL 3400 IDF forces and wound 17400. ISRAEL is not OUR friend! REMEMBER the LIBERTY!!!

  14. It’s obvious that the level of anti-Semetic Racism in the US is at an all time HIGH… do you misguided people actually BELEIVE that Jews are evil (From your comments it’s obvious that you are). Hamas sent Rockets into Israel, which killed far more than 5 people, (more like 200 people), and so naturally Israel tried to bomb the Rocket launching pads, to protect it’s innocent citizens. If Hamas is using his own people as a human sheild, while he cowers in a basement, then people are going to get hurt! There are always going to be war casualties; Hitler would not have been defeated if the Allies didn’t get past the people who were defending him!! It is the same thing here!!

  15. What about the millions of people across the world killed by Arabs and Muslims since 1948?

  16. Please Name those “MILLIONS” of people, than compare to all those killed by ISRAEL. Don’t forget to add in the AMERICAN SERVIVEMEN from the USS LIBERTY ATTACK!!! Israel is not our friend. REMEMBER the LIBERTY!!!

  17. A slight mis-understanding …..

    The UN cannot pass resolutions against non-members such as the non-state entity of Palestine. They’re not part of the club.

    The UN can comment on their behaviour, just as a football club might comment on the bowling club. However, the football club cannot censure the bowling club, cannot tell bowling club members what to do.

    The UN can only tell UN Member states what they can and cannot do to/with non-members.


  18. http://talknic.wordpress.com More maps and documents you won’t find on the Israeli Govt Website … guess why….

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