“They are bombing 1,5 million people in a cage”

These are the chilling words of Dr Mads Gilbert from Norway who went to help in Gaza on the 31st December. He details the sad reality of the effects of Israeli attacks on Gaza in one of the first interviews allowed from within Gaza and calls it “A human-made disaster of great proportions where one out of six of the 395 killed are women or children and 40% of the over 2000 severely injured are women or children”

Al Jazeera 1st January 2009

SkyNews 6th January 2009

BBC 7th January 2009

Everyday more and more people are being slaughtered while the world sits back with it’s hands in its lap. many seem to believe it’s worth it to topple Hamas. The civilian casualties are worth it? Send your mother to the frontline, your daughter and your babies then tell me if their death is worth it.


~ by no2wars on 04/01/2009.

5 Responses to ““They are bombing 1,5 million people in a cage””

  1. dr Mads Gilbert is nothing but a shill for the arabs

  2. And I guess the Israeli sppokesmen/women of this war of terror are just bees knees for you?

  3. Hamas, like most totalitarian regimes, has always controlled information coming from Gaza to the best of its’ ability. Foreign journalists are provided with “escorts” to ensure they see only what the leaders want them to see. All video cameramen, and still photographers working with journalists in Gaza come from a pool of Hamas approved people. The very fact that any footage featuring the Norwegian doctors was released probably makes it, at best, highly suspect.
    Both Dr Gilbert and his colleague, Dr Fosse, should be praised for their medical work. Their political views and credibiity as witnesses, However, is an entirely different matter.

  4. Oh I see so the pictures of scores of dead bodies and dead babies with their bodies riddled with bullets is all fiction is it? Or would you rather not see the carnage and only see the smoke screen created by the Israeli military? Mads Gilbert and his team are reporting the exact same stories and numbers by AlJazeera and by people on the ground. So please don’t waste our time with your conspiricy theories.

  5. scores of dead bodies and babies – it’s terrible. But no one more interested in it, like HAMAS. It is incredible, unbelievable cynicism of this organization, to use civilians as like shield . And they successfully selling this story to you.
    More scores – more people kind of your way logic. You are child of free country – i was born in Soviet Union, and i know well enough about total propaganda machines – most of them similar.

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