Day 12 of Israeli War: minute by minute, death by death

Death toll 710, injured 3200 and most of them Civilians
By Sameh A. Habeeb, A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.

Deadly Outcomes of Israeli Ground Military Operation:

1-Air raid targeted a group of militants in Slaah El Din street east of Gaza City. No one was reported to be wounded.

2-Air raid targeted an open space and agrictultral fields in Al Nusairat Refugee Camp.

3-Air raid targeted a house in the northern areas of Gaza.

4-Two civilians wounded as a missile targeted house of Al Maqosui family in Bait
lahia town.

5-Israeli gunboats targeted many areas in Gaza City, Khan Yonis and the mid areas.
Five Palestinians wounded in the bombings.

6-Open spaces hit in Al Nusairat Refugee Camp.

7-Around 50 tunnels destroyed in Rafah City.

8-Heavy artillery shelling in Al Zaytoun quarter east of Gaza City.

9-Many militants hit by Israeli airforce in Al Shaikh ridwan area.

10-One Palestinian killed in Bait Lahia town as Israeli

11-Israeli army threatens Popilation of Rafah living beside the Egyptian borders to leave their houses immediately. It is expected that Israel will bomb the tunnels
area and this would destroy the houses.

12-A ceasefire by Israeli and Palestinian militants for three hours to allow some

13- Four people from Kahlout family killed in Bait Lahia town. The killed ones were
trying to get some bread but a drone targeted them to death. They were in their car
driven by their dad to get some bread.

14-Around 80 trucks and vans of medical and food areas allowed by Israel into Gaza.
The trucks not enough at all as Gaza needs thousands of trucks to respond for
Humanitarian crisis. In the normal day Gaza was having 6-7 hundreds of all

15-Around 450 thousand liters of Solar get into Gaza though Gaza crossings. Gaza
needs. Gaza needs over a million liter a day for the key power planet!

16-Air raid on Al Nafaq street mid of Gaza City.

17-More Israeli raids and bombs targeted the tunnels area during today’s late hours.

18-A paramedic, Hasan El Atal, killed in eastern Jabalia town northern Gaza Strip.
His car was partially damaged and his mates are okay!

19-Airforce raided on northern areas of Gaza and no news about the outcomes!

20-Al Samouni family which lost 20 of its members due to Israeli bombings found more
dead bodies and alive members. Around 25 were found, dead were 15 persons and

21-Bombings targeted Al sheikh Zayed, Building 33, one killed and 4 wounded. The area is so populated and includes more than 70 buildings.

22-A house of 2 floors hit in Khan yonis city mid of Gaza.

23-One woman wounded in artillery shell in north of Gaza.

24-Thousands of civilians evacuated their houses in Rafah City. Bombings started!

25-Artillary shells hit al Twam area north of Gaza strip.

26- Funeral of 45 victims of United Nations massacre perpetrated by Israel exposed
to Israeli fire during time of ceasefire and many people wounded.

27-Medical sector is completely paralyzed.

29-All Gaza strip with 90% percent in deep darkness now.

30-Thousands of Gazans seek water now and mostly they don’t find. Water being found is not so healthy.

31-Bread problems eaxcebrate and more people don’t find it.

32- Around 20 thousands Gazans took UNRWA schools are a shelter theough the Gaza Strip.

33-Palestinian militants fire 20 homemade rockets into Israel.

34-Clashes still taking place with Palestinian militants and Israeli forces invading the Gaza Strip.
Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.
Photojournalist & Peace Activist
Humanitarian, Child Relief Worker
Gaza Strip, Palestine

Daily Photos:


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7 Responses to “Day 12 of Israeli War: minute by minute, death by death”

  1. I beg to differ.. this is not a Ground Military Operation. It’s Slaughter, Murder, Genocide, Holocaust, Massacre, etc by the lowest of the low on the face of this earth. These NaZionists will have their day soon because they will repeat history in Gaza as was done in the south of Lebanon. Israel will leave after it has been humiliated, defeated and embarrassed once again.


  2. Israel just murder. It’s what she is done within 60 years. It’s not a war really..

  3. she has done*

  4. Yes it is a massacre. While the rats in polished black shoes and gold pens in their starched suits and clean shaven faces discuss which resolution to threathen Israel with people are dying every single minute. Today another 50 bodies were found. I spoke to Abeeb (blogger of and he said can you believe it. 50 people. Despite the fact that he is risking his life to bring us news from Gaza, he is in shock and can’t believe what is unfolding infront of his eyes.

    Bombs were falling outside as we spoke and he said “We are not interested in Hamas. We do not have food in our stomaches, no food, no electricity.. please keep campaigning… is the world listening”. I guess Abeebs biggest fear was to be forgotten. That all his hard work to bring us the truth would be in vain.

  5. IT is so unfortunate that people like shahrzad back up iranian mullahs.iranians are good people if arabs and religion leaves them alone.most of theses problems are created in the whole world since mullahs in iram came to power.palestinians are the one created riots in iran, they are the ones that burned CINEMA REX IN have to understand that jewish people are only afew in the whole can not blame jewish people to try to survive.jewish people like old times are not weak anymore.jews are can not slap jewish people any, also,last week moslems put a bomb in karbala and killed so many iranians that came to pray.THEY BOMBERS were not jewish.they were moslems.jewish people will always survive , under any conditions.that’s what happened to me grew up in iran and saw the revolution (excuse me mullahs). ARABS HATE IRANIANS THE, please do not be angry at jews…learn from them.

  6. Haha @ Essi. Your comment should be published as the humor of the year.
    Iranians will never be murderer like Zionist, not even many jews support zionist terrorist state. Iranians are peaceful people and they spread light and love. So due to Your illiteracy about events esp this new one in Kazamayn and not Karbala(!), I doubt you’re an Iranian!!

  7. Arabs hate the Iranians??? Where did you get that from? I have Arab friends. They are all very much aware of the facts behind the Iran-Iraq war which was backed by the USA and UK.
    Jewish people??? we are not talking about the Jews here. We are talking about Israeli government. Play the holocaust card somewhere else. There is a holocaust in Gaza as we write.

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