Day 13: Israels war on Gaza: Death toll 770

Day 13 of Israeli War On Gaza
Death toll 770, injured 3200 and most of them Civilians
By Sameh A. Habeeb, A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.
Deadly Outcomes of Israeli Ground Military Operation:
1-Israeli tanks move towards Abu Sha’er area, near Kosopheme area mid of Gaza Strip.
2-An Israeli air raid in an open area in Gaza.
3-An air raid targeting the house of Mr.Sameeh El nady Middle area.
4-Shelling Deir El Balah police station.
5-An air strike targeting El Moghrarby Municipality.
6-Bombarding the house of zakout family(Al Aqsa Brigades) Beit lahia.
7-Destroying a five-storey building belonging to Mr.Merwan Akeel in Leit lahia.
8-Air raid on the central police station which was hit on the first day of this war.
9-Destroying a five-storey building belonging to Hawari family in El Zaitoun neighborhood .
10-Tank Shelling of Abu Haduf area in Qarara, north of khanyounis.
11-Destroying a house belonging to Bawadi family in Jabalia.
12-Destroying a house belonging to Mr.Adnan Abu Shmaisa El Sawarha area middle area.
13-Targeting with six rockets the police station in Bani Sohaila, south of khanyounis.
14-Destroying the house of Mr.Mohammad El Sinwar(Qasam)Al Amal neighborhood in Khanyounis.
15-launching six rockets on the border area.
16-Targeting a house in Al Joneinah neighbourhood in Rafah.
17-Partial destroying of El Sakhra, shopping area in Gaza.
18-Destroying a house belonging to Jondia family in shojae’a-Gaza.
19-Destroying a house belonging to Al Jabri family in shojae’a.
20-Shelling a house belonging to Shamia family in Jabalia-Refugee camp.
21-Bombarding a house in Rafah-near the East cemetery.
22-An air raid on two houses belonging to Joma and Fayez El Rahal in Bait Lahia(four casualties)
23-Targeting two women with a missile south of Qarara.
24-Air raid on a house belonging to Abu Abeer, a key leader for Popular Resistance Committees in Al sahaba street.
25-Bombardment of Adnan Shaw’s house seven casualties one child dead immediately.
26- Artillery shelling south Jabalia.
27-An air attack on a house in Jabalia.
28-Shooting at two vans belonging to UNRWA one injured and one dead.
29-Targeting a car by three missiles-Al Nafak street Gaza.
30-Four Jehad A ctivities killed north of Gaza.
31-Killing an Israeli soldier and injuring other 13 in clashes with resistance men.
32-Besieging a house belonging to Abu Ghanima family in which several family members were injured.
33-An air raid on a house in Gaza-Daraj neighborhood.
34-Preventing a ambulance and paramedics from getting the dead bodies of the people killed north of Gaza.
35-Targeting 97 houses in Rafah.The inhabitants fled to UNRWA schools.
36-Shelling Al Nour Al Mohamad mosque, a two storey building in Al Sheikh Redwan neighborhood.
37-Air raids on orchards and farms belonging to Al Wehaidi and Al Sorani families.
38-Preventing ambulance men to rescue injured people in Al Zaitoun Quarter east sout of Gaza City.
39-Clashes between résistance men and the Israeli army around kosopheme crossing for 14 hours.
40-An Israeli vehicle was destroyed by Palestinian fighters and one Israeli solider killed.
41-Targeting a group of unarmed citizen in Khanyounis.
42-Destroying a house belonging to Abu kwaik in Al Zaitoun neighborhood.
43-An air raid in meraj street near Raffah Municipalities-many causalities are reported .
44-Destroying two houses in Rafah belonging to keshta family.
45-Killing the citizen, Jehad Kawareh in Khanyounis.
46-The death of a physician’s wife and son in El Shuef area-south Gaza.
47-Intensive artillery shelling targeting El Sha’ef area east of Gaza City.
48-Shelling the houses of civilians at Al Zahra quarter by phosphorus bombs.
49-Destroying a house belonging to Mr.Nour Baraka in Bani Sohaila Abassan.
50-UNRWA suspends its services as Israel kills one of its staff.
52-Bombings several targets east of Gaza City.
53-Palestinian paramedics and ambulances get Israeli fire.
54- Water is hardly accesses for hundreds of thousands in northern areas and Gaza City.
55-Bread is no longer available and only 5 bakeries work out of 47.
56-Palestinian paramedics found 50 dead bodies in many destroyed houses and open places. Thus, victims’ number up to 770 persons.
57-Palestinian fighters launch around 20 rockets into Israeli civilians.
58-Gaza still plunges into deep darkness.


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