We are exhausted campaigning but we are resilient

7th January 2009, Gaza

7th January 2009, Gaza

We are campaigning every single day. We either have demonstrations or vigils. We are trying to do what we can to put a stop to the slaughter of innocent people. We are exhausted and some people are working practically 24 hours to try and stop the hell in Gaza. We are all exhausted, but we are resilient. We are not going to stop until the madness is over.

I was hanging up red ribbons on a metal fence – one for each of the victims. It was freezing and my fingers were turning numb. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said “you know that another 50 were found dead”. I was livid. I decided to continue hanging up the ribbons. Knowing that each one was another nail in the coffin for the next one. It hit me that no matter how many hundreds I hung up another hundred would have to be hung up the next day and the next.

Even if Israel stops firing rockets, it will not be the end. We will continue. We have to. What other choice do we have?


~ by no2wars on 09/01/2009.

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