Norway: Lies and xenophobia as the Gaza demos turn ugly

The Brussels Journal seeps their report with lies and anti-immigration sentiments:

1) Nevertheless, pointing out the background of this questionable doctor (Mads Gilbert)  who has been used as an authoritative source of news from the Gaza strip by virtually all Norwegian media for the last fews weeks was clearly, well, shall we say «disproportionate»,

Mads Gilberts reports were not only used in the Norwegian press, but also on NBC News, SkyNews, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and several other channels. The Norwegian doctors ended up being reporters because of Israels blockade against the media. Israel purposely cleared Gaza of any reporters months in advance to prevent the true horror stories from reaching the world. The reason? So Israel could com mitt genocide and massacre freely without the worlds knowledge.

2) To add a bit of realism to the demonstration, the children wore shirts drenched in fake blood, but it could not be confirmed whether the committee also had considered adding a few adult men in black uniforms carrying some rocket launchers to the group.

The children with fake blood was not planned by the organisers of the march. It was individuals who have friends and family in Gaza who staged this. Also some of the mothers had experienced Israels attack on Lebanon and still had the attacks fresh in their memory.

3) Some commentators have already suggested that many of the immigrant youths have used the recent events in the Middle East simply as an excuse to attract some media attention again, the suggestion being that they therefore are to be excused and thrown some more money at.

According to this smart journalist in The Brussels Journal these kids are rioting so they get “thrown some more money at” them. If anyone knows how funding works in Norway they will know that the money NEVER goes to the ethnic minority teenagers, Most of these kids live in deprived areas where youth centers are closed down and empty. The only people who get the money are the police and if money is invested to help minority youth it is only recirculated in the communes.

Demonstration in Oslo

Demonstration in Oslo. Note children were with parents and guards. Foto: Scanpix

4) Even in Oslo They Use Children As A Human Shield

As a witness and also as a guard at the demonstrations in Oslo I saw first-hand how the demonstrations developed.. When we arrived to start the demonstration women and children had already taken their place at the front. About 30 women and 20 children stood gathered together with flags and fake blood on their clothes and faces shouting slogans. To look after them, we had about 40 guards surrounding them at all times. Other guards in yellow vests started to pick up boys on the way up to the Israeli embassy who looked like they might cause trouble.We have been criticised for allowing children to go first in the demonstration and I guess it was naive of us to believe that things would be calm. There was a positive tone in the air, but when the riot police and journalists turned up dressed for war, it created negative vibes and set off some of the teenagers It wasn’t until after the demonstration ended that the crowds got rowdy. The police had closed off the streets and there wasn’t any possibility for the children to escape the rockets, stones and bottles. We asked to be let out for the sake of the children. This could easily have been solved if the children had been allowed out with their mothers.

According to the Brussels Journal the crowd were all ethnic minorities. As a person in the middle of the mayhem I observed teenage boys and girls rioting of both ethnic minorities and  Norwegian background. A few had bags of stones and the guards took these from them When we thought we had got rid of anything which might be used against the riot police a Blitzer (white youth who are anarchists and professional demonstrators) turned up with bags full of fireworks and placed them in the middle of the crowd. Suddenly the crowd of boys grabbed a firework each and started firing them at the police and at buildings. It was then guards took the kids and women out and we started to warn anyone who would listen to get out immediately before the riot police took over.

I have to add here that 98% of the guards came from Rabita Mosque in Oslo, all Arab or Muslim there to protect Norwegians and ethnic minorities from being attacked. They did a fantastic job and I salute them for their bravery.


~ by no2wars on 12/01/2009.

9 Responses to “Norway: Lies and xenophobia as the Gaza demos turn ugly”

  1. bull crap, bullshit and so on. taliban liars

  2. Taliban liars? I think you have your geography all wrong. The Taliban is in Afghanistan. Hamas is in Gaza. And you are in lala land

  3. Even your name of the site is hypocrite. You say no2wars but you actually mean no2war against the hamas fundumental fasict ideology which is in its base calling yes2war against children and women because they are under definition of “infidils”.

    Infact Hamas uses Palestinian Children and Women as shield against Israeli justful war while their leaders are hiding in places like the Shifa hospital like cowerds.

    True Zionist

  4. “Taliban liars? I think you have your geography all wrong. The Taliban is in Afghanistan. Hamas is in Gaza. And you are in lala land”
    you know what? you violent muslims are all the same to me, in gaza or afganistan or london: you dont expect me to use my time diferentiating between one tribe of jew-haters-wife-killers-suicide-bombers and another. so eat your sand and be a good boy, ok?

  5. Costin sticks and stones mate, sticks and stones.
    I think you have some serious issues. I suggest you seek help, your fuming rage and extremism is bleeping red alert on the xenophobia chart. Wishing you a happy day me lad 🙂

  6. Eh….. True zionist where in my blog does it say that I am for killing infidels? Please find me one sentence, one article.
    Your problem is that I am not parroting everything from FOXnews, the Israeli media propagandaists and the spindoctors who have made you believe that the war is about one civilization against another. There is no mention whatsoever of the role foreign policies have played in the hell around the world. So True Zionist maybe you need to look at your history, do the maths and tell me who is slaughtering who.

  7. xenophobia and the such are made-up words i have not much interest in. the problem is not my “rage” but the things that muslims do in europe and all over.. have a nice life!

  8. oh… wait a minute… how can u ask me to have a nice life when u are saying that Muslims just cause hell… are you not contradicting yourself…

  9. forget it…

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