Sock it to them George Galloway!

I am sickened by the way people manipulate the truth about the state of Israel. I am not an antisemitic – but I am for the truth. If you don’t like the truth about the creation of the state of Israel please piss off – cause I am sick to death of the death and destruction. I am sick to my back teeth of the genocide Israel is yet again committing in their search for more land. Israel (THE GOVERNMENTS NOT THE PEOPLE) is like maggots, blood suckers, leaches, all eating away at what they can of the Palestinian land. How the hell can we keep our silence. How the hell can we ignore the truth.

Speak up:

1010 dead and 4300 injured.

300 children killed and 1400 seriously injured.


~ by no2wars on 15/01/2009.

2 Responses to “Sock it to them George Galloway!”

  1. Why doesn’t Galloway stand up for the oppressed women of Islam,
    especially the intellectuals from Tehran to Cairo, whom you would have thought would have received some backing from those who purport to be on the ‘left’ and who have suffered years of oppression.
    Yes, Israel’s retaliation was shocking. Yes, the suffering of the Gaza civilians was tragic and of course there should be a Palestinian homeland. But ask yourself this – why did the Israelis not attack the west bank? Something to do with no rockets, I suspect.
    Hamas are islamists, whose philosophy is steeped in hatred. Yes, they were democratically elected – so was Adolf Hitler!!!

  2. Galloway is a fraud. He has a programme which, laughably, is called the Real Deal, on Press TV, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran”s broadcasting organ. Absurdly he lectures us on the evil doings of the West and on human rights. Nothing about Iran of course. He”s being paid by them after allNothing about the persecution of leftists, women and gays,and zilch about Syria……………..

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