Do you invite Israeli ambassador to comemorate the dead?

Then and Now..... Not much difference

Then and Now..... Not much difference

The phone. Oh God! Not him again.

“Hey, what you up to tomorrow? Would you like to come to the Peace Center to commemorate the dead in Gaza? Ive organised something special” ask A.S

“Who’s coming?” I ask warily. I know too well that he has a habit of lying to reel people into one of his functions. He did that to me once before when he gave me some silly little prize for my work.

“Oh the Prime Minister will be there, politicians, Palestinian ambassador, and we will be serving dinner” he says convincingly.

How can I say no I think ” Ok I will be there”. I write the date down in my calender and invite a couple of friends too.

Next day:

We enter the hall and I circulate a little to get to know people. Drop a couple of notes about our work for Gaza, and I meet the Palestinian ambassador.

“Oh you promised to come to come to my office, but you never did” he said teasingly. I humbly apologize all the time wondering what the past three weeks must have been like while the massacre of his people was beamed across the world. I only feel pain and have no words to say sorry or comfort him. “We have seen it before” he says “They bomb us, kill us and then they throw money at us”. There isn’t an ounce of spite in his voice – just asking for peace.

We take our seats and the show begins. Speakers, musicians – one after the other take the stage. When the ambassador speaks he tells of how Barak killed his parents, the years of occupation, the recent slaughter and finally how the media images from 150 Arabic channels tell the youth of today what that Western media chooses to omit. The true images are radicalising our youth because they no longer believe in what the mainstream media is telling them. I record his speech on my digital camera.

Then the next speaker is up. The Israeli ambassador.

‘Wait a minute. Whats he doing here? Why is he here to honor the people Israel slaughtered?’ I am thinking

I try to control my annoyance.

“We have our pain…. we have had losses… media does not show the complete story…..terrorist states like Iran..” he says, and I half shout  “and Israel”.  The ambassador ignores me and continues “…Hamas is to blame for the deaths og children….” at this point I can take no more. I get up pushing my chair out so it scrapes the floor and I thunder out of the hall making sure my stilettos make a slamming noise as I walk out to purposely disrupt his speech.

How much I hate wars. How much I resent the lies. And how much I despise the ignorance of people who are supposed to be promoting peace to invite the vampires to feast their hungry eyes on the survivors of their killing spree.


~ by no2wars on 21/01/2009.

One Response to “Do you invite Israeli ambassador to comemorate the dead?”

  1. there was a speech today by the leader of hamas from damascus to the palestinian people, broadcast on al-jazeera… he was talking of the victory of hamas, the victory of this unilateral ceasefire by israel…. i was shocked. i wondered how the people on the dust of gaza would interpret this onslaught? i understand your lack of patience and clearly when we stand shoulder to shoulder to others, the question is how much transparency is there really in the objectives of both. r.

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