It must be those Turkish shoes they’re wearing…

First Muntadar threw his Turkish-made shoes at Bush, and now the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells the Israeli President Perez that he’s a liar and raises his voice cause he’s guilty of the slaughter of Palestinians and finally teaches him about the the 6th commandment it says “Thou shalt not kill”. After that Erdagon turned on the crowd and complainedĀ  that everyone should be ashamed for clapping at Perez’s speech.

Interesting the way each time anyone criticises Israel they jump on the anti-semitism bandwagon…

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is encouraging expressions of anti-Semitism in his country by espousing biased views and wholeheartedly accepting the Hamas narrative of the recent Gaza fighting, a senior Israeli official told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

I mean what is wrong with these people. Are they telling us the carnage, the lifeless bodies and children with out limbs is only in our imagination? For God sake! Wake up and smell the coffee Israel. You are no longer the victim. This is not 1940s and you are no longer in Germany, defenceless and imprisoned. It is the Palestinians who are defenceless and imprisoned in an open air concentration camp!

Read more here on PULSE.ORG


~ by no2wars on 29/01/2009.

4 Responses to “It must be those Turkish shoes they’re wearing…”

  1. Good to see muslim leaders taking a clear stance, not bowing to usa economical or military pressure. thanks for bringing this and other articles to our attention. r.

  2. I read somewhere that Turkey has given up on the EU and now is looking to be an important player in the Middle East.

  3. Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN is the new leader of the world. The world is very lucky to have this leader who are courageous and effective!.. I want the people in the world to see how a leader can be very powerfull against the aggressive Israel leader who supports crimes of babies, women ana nearly one million civil people in Gaza!.. Thank you very very much Prime Minister RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN… We will always continue to support you and you will never walk alone!..

  4. I totally agree with you – a very brave man who is likely to feel the wrath of his actions at some point. …. but pity he doesn’t tidy up in his own backyard and stop torture in Turkish prisons.

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