Clinton Says Israel Can’t ‘Stand Idly By’ Over Gaza Rocket Fire

Printed in Bloomberg 3rd March Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. understands Israel’s need to respond to rocket fire on its southern towns from the Gaza Strip and pledged to work with any new Israeli government. “There is no doubt that any nation including Israel cannot stand idly by while its territory and people are subjected to rocket attacks,” Clinton said after meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem today during her first foray into Middle East diplomacy.

This is the damage done by one Kassam rocket

This is the damage done by one Kassam rocket

Clinton arrived late yesterday in Jerusalem, where Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to build a governing coalition after elections last month. “It is important that the U.S. underscore its unshakeable, durable and fundamental support for the state of Israel,” she said. “Our relationship is more than just one of shared interests. It is one of shared values. President Obama and I look forward to working with Israel’s new government.”

Clinton, 61, is trying to buoy aspirations for a peace agreement guided by Obama, while searching for a way to resolve the tough obstacles that stand in the way. The Israelis and Palestinians would have to agree on issues such as borders and control of Jerusalem, while each side tries to end internal political divisions.

Clinton came to Jerusalem from Egypt, where the U.S. and international donors sought to bolster Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who controls the West Bank, and undercut the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip. Israel fought Hamas two months ago in a 22-day military operation it said was intended to stop rocket attacks. Israel should help its “responsible” Palestinian partners “strengthen their capacity to govern the Palestinian people and move toward a viable state,”

Clinton said yesterday after the Palestinians secured more than $4.2 billion in pledges at a conference in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. “Nobody in Israel wants to control the life of the Palestinians,” Peres said after meeting Clinton. “You will find in us a real and sincere partner to prevent and stop terror and achieve peace for all of the people in the Middle East.”

Damage from ONE Israeli bomb in Gaza (Jan 2009) Spot the difference?

Damage from ONE Israeli bomb in Gaza (Jan 2009) Spot the difference?


But they can stand idly by as Israel pounds the people og Gaza with precision weapons.,…. The hypocrisy of it is sickening.


~ by no2wars on 03/03/2009.

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