A poem on ignorance

You tell me Islam is a faith with a sword to the juggular

That my religion is faith with a vengence

Hatered for freedom, democracy and everything Western

“Why do you defend a religion with the blood of 3000 innocent people?”

Burning towers etched in my mind

Soul hurting with the sound of screams

Jumping from windows like wingless doves.

I saw.

I cried.

How dare you suggest I do not feel, that I do not care?

I ask you:

How can you defend an ideology which has slaughtered millions of innocents lives?

How can you defend the very ideology which defends it’s right to invade, torture and terrorise in the name of democracy?

Now tell me who is blind

Your silence speaks louder than a thousand words.


~ by no2wars on 12/05/2009.

2 Responses to “A poem on ignorance”

  1. the poem sounds2b deffensive as if want 2 get certificate frm those against whom they r fighting its really pitiable dat1 has2 prove 1s innocence before d very ppl hu r nt ready 2 accept n r already decided

  2. d poem sounds deffensive as if wants2 prove innocence before d ppl hu hv already decided dat dey r guilty

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