Ignited identity has been extinguished

My anger erupted after George Bush claimed that war was necessary to avenge the killing of 3000 people in the  World Trade Center. His words didn’t make sense. I couldn’t understand the connection between bombing and occupying a poor country like Afghanistan. Was The USA not responsible for the mess in the region? hadn’t they joined forces with the Saudis and the Pakistanis to create Al Qaida and the Taliban? hadn’t the indoctrination of a whole nation not been a USA collaboration to counteract this so-called threat from the Soviet Union?

The more I read the more enraged I became.

I ordered more and more books from Amazon, using all my savings on books on post-colonialism, terrorism, books by among others Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali and watching documentaries on Al Jazeera.

Years later I was still harping on about the WoT, Guantanamo and our collective conscience. On FB I was harassing everyone including Deepak Chopra who eventually stopped me from writing on his wall.

Once someone said to me “Do you ever talk about happy things? Do you ever take time to enjoy the here and now?”

I realised I hadn’t, and thus I started my journey to also enjoy the good things. Thus came also the realisation that by seeking positivity I am also able to find the beauty in people and have hope for the future and our common humanity.


~ by no2wars on 13/02/2013.

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