Traumatic Brain Injury


M bookshelves are full of books on The War on Terror, on crimes against humanity, Islamophobia, racism and discrimination.

I’ve written plenty of articles and been a public figure in the media, but that all came to an end.

A traumatic brain injury in 2012 resulted in a complete change in my lifestyle and also reading habits.

Previously i could read 4 books a week and remember all the details. Today I barely remember anything.

My language is limited.

I forget easily and I struggle to remember things I’ve read. Sometimes I can see what I want to say n my head, but wha comes out of my mouth isn’t coherent and totally different from what I imagine in my head.

If I cry it only last a minute. Too may emotions make my brain shut down and it’s as though someone has turned the lights out.

Sometimes my left side just doesn’t function as it should.

I read somewhere that war veterans and survivors of bomb blasts in Iraq and Afghanistan also have similar symptoms.

I can identify with their pain and loss.


~ by no2wars on 15/01/2014.

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